Tilt-and-turn windows are currently all the rage, with designers and builders consistently choosing them for high-end custom homes. Here’s what Edgar Sigal, president of Chateau Window & Door Systems, told us about the benefits and innovation behind these windows.

Living Luxe: Tell us about tilt-and-turn windows — what exactly are they and how does the technology work? How do you best describe them to clients?


Edgar Sigal (ES): With people taking charge of their own custom-home building and renovations, more window sty les are now becoming popular and more widely available. Tilt-and-turn windows are windows that open two ways — they can either tilt inwards at the topmor open inwards from hinges on the side. When tilted, they provide excellent ventilation and rain protection.


Living Luxe: This design is quite innovative, and we’ve read they’re engineered to perform better than other windows — does this ring true to you? What are the advantages of these windows?


ES: Tilt-and-turn windows are designed to suit any building style and architectural need — they are extremely versatile and are so popular because they’re easy to use. For those who prioritize home security , tilt-and-turn windows are truly the best choice, as they offer excellent security , thanks to their perimetric multi-point locking system.


Living Luxe: Tell us more about sound control and security.


ES: These windows are very secure because they have multiple locking points and are made of thicker glass, durable frames and internal hardware. Generally, they are very difficult to pry open or break into, which means they are safer than traditional windows when it comes to burglaries. Greater security and soundproofing can be achieved with laminated glass.


Living Luxe: Tell us how these windows fare when it comes to ventilation and energy efficiency.


ES: Brighter rooms have such bright possibilities! Thanks to modern manufacturing advances, tilt-and-turn windows are proven to be a smart window choice, especially for new construction projects. They are extremely energy-efficient, thanks to special air seals and a durable design, which prevent both draughts and leaks. Their sophisticated design makes them the ideal choice for passive houses.


Living Luxe: Why is this kind of window so desirable to designers and homeowners when it comes to appearance and performance? What makes them so ideal for any space?


ES: High-quality aluminum windows (and doors) are enjoying increasing popularity . Designers and homeowners choose this product because it provides architectural freedom due to custom sizes. Customers are not limited by traditional finishing options, but they have a wide variety of choices without any additional cost. Competitive pricing plays a key role for these products.