Elite Body Sculpture recently opened its doors in Toronto’s coveted Yorkville neighbourhood and the AirSculpt experience is now available in the city.

By Tara MacIntosh


No matter how many hours are logged in at the gym, built-up fat cells below the skin’s surface can leave a less-than-desirable shape. The AirSculpt experience, a custom body-contouring procedure created to remove stubborn body fat gently and precisely, is setting the industry standard, and it’s exclusively available at Elite Body Sculpture’s newest location in Yorkville.


Elite Body Sculpture’s brand-new Toronto clinic dazzles with a sleek modern decor. The team of professionals is thrilled to have celebrated and trusted plastic surgeons, Dr. Omodele Ayeni and Dr. Sean Rice, as part of the Elite Body Sculpture Toronto team. Both experts were hand-selected by Elite Body Sculpture’s founder, Dr. Aaron Rollins. “Dr. Ayeni and Dr. Rice have an artistic vision of the human body, allowing each to utilize AirSculpt to achieve our patients’ desired results,” says Stephanie Evans Greene, the company’s chief marketing officer.


Dr. Rollins developed AirSculpt to naturally redefine areas of the body that store unwanted fat, anywhere chin to ankle. This premium experience delivers incredible results in a one-time procedure. “AirSculpt is tailored to the patient’s body. It has a natural skin-tightening effect and it’s so gentle that it allows our patients to return to their regular routine within one or two days,” Evans Greene says.


AirSculpt, developed 11 years ago and performed with more than 40,000 patients in the US, is done without needles, scalpels or stitches. The procedure permanently and gently removes individual fat cells. “Imagine plucking berries from a bush one by one — it’s like that,” she says. During the procedure, the patient is wide awake with a local anaesthesia. Surgeons are able to precisely target pockets of stubborn, unwanted fat and create a sculpted, natural look.


Booking a virtual or in-person consult is the first step in exploring if AirSculpt body contouring is for you. An experienced team member will reach out to discuss what to expect, review your medical history and answer your questions. When preferred, a consult with the doctor can be arranged. Procedures are often booked within a few weeks since the clinic focuses solely on stubborn body-fat removal. Patients who undergo the procedure will often see results within the first two weeks, with full effects visible within three months. Summer is the perfect time to visit the clinic — you’ll be able to enjoy results late this season or early fall.


“Small changes can make a big difference in our patients’ lives, and we love being a part of their impressive transformations.”

“Watching each transformation, not only on the outside but on the inside as well, is one of the best parts of being on the AirSculpt team. We see our patients’ confidence increase when they achieve their desired results,” says Evans Greene. “Small changes can make a big difference in our patients’ lives, and we love being a part of their impressive transformations.” You can book a consultation at and view an extensive gallery of before-and-after photos of patients who’ve seen wonderful results.