All About the Glam

This Mississauga, Ont., home is designed to inspire and create awe from the moment you walk into the majestic foyer.

Talk about making an entrance! The client, a not-to-be-named celebrity, asked Lavish Design Build to create a luxurious home where they could entertain their TV-industry colleagues. “They wanted something chic and elegant, not too busy,” says Suzi Kaloti, owner of Lavish Design Build.

Kaloti and the Lavish team responded with ornate furniture using a simple colour palette. “The pieces have a lot of detail in them, so we used a creamy white colour scheme to create a modern look,” says Kaloti. “If you look at the pieces of furniture, they have carvings, silver leaf—there’s a lot of detail once you’re in the space.”

The result is a residence that feels light and airy—not modern, but not traditional either. To up the wow-factor, the Lavish team sprinkled opulent design elements like wall panelling with stainless steel inserts and ceilings with plaster mouldings throughout the home. In the living room, stately columns frame silver-leaf chairs by Christopher Guy, selected from Import Temptation. Glossy marble floors, an Italian chandelier and metal accents add elements of glitz.

The sophisticated colour palette continues into the dining room, where plush oval-backed chairs surround a white-and-gold pedestal table. Baroque-inspired wall sconces and a unique elongated chandelier add ambience.

But one of the house’s most unique design features stemmed from a challenge. The homeowner hated an existing internal courtyard, and asked for it to be enclosed. Lavish Design Build turned the space into a conversation room with dramatic black velvet chairs and floor-to-ceiling Calacatta slabs. In a nod to the room’s origins, the designers incorporated a skylight to allow more light in, and a window that peeks into the kitchen. The result is a space that feels separate, yet still open to the rest of the house—the perfect spot for a tête-à-tête.

The aura of luxury extends to the home’s private spaces. The master closet, for example, is designed to look lavish and showcase the homeowner’s wardrobe. “The homeowner wanted the closet to look like a piece of jewellery,” says Kaloti. “We added a lot of mirrors.” Glass cabinets and specialized lighting display an extensive shoe collection, and a built-in makeup table houses the client’s jewellery. Sounds like the perfect place to primp for a glamourous party, or just unwind at the end of the day.

Photography by Jac Jacobson Photography