All In The Family

When you feel like you’re a part of the family both in and out of the office, you know you’re at Condoville.

By Adriana Ermter

Sister Sledge’s hit 1970s tune “We Are Family” could be the theme song for Condoville. The four-year-old, full-service Toronto-based real estate broker- age’s 12-member team is just that. “We see ourselves as a family because we share the same passion and vision: to be successful by working hard and playing hard together,” affirms Mitchell Coburn, Condoville’s senior associ- ate. “It creates a unique office environment.”
This family-style approach to business extends above and beyond just get- ting the day’s work done. The team eats lunch together daily. On Thursdays, Condoville brings in take-out. There are routine coffee runs with long lists in hand. Mondays and Wednesdays feature designated time to connect and talk, and once a month, all 12 gather for dinner and drinks at a restaurant. “We are best when we’re together,” adds Coburn with a smirk, as he peeks outside at the stable of triple black sports cars. “There’s just an energy that we share.”
This energy can be attributed to the company’s co-founders and real-life couple Shaminder and Jasneet Gogna. While the thirty-something duo’s original real estate business officially launched in 2014, its fast and furious expansion has since catapulted into the bustling Condoville family it is today. At their headquarters at 1901-5000 Yonge Street in Toronto and at their Condoville North location at 201-4500 Highway 7 in Vaughan, the phones buzz, deals are made and plans are executed with everyone pulling together, ensuring each buyer, seller, developer, builder and client’s needs are not simply met, but exceeded.
As the proverbial “parents” of the family, the Gognas oversee this connec- tivity, growth and success. While they present a united front, each one has a designated role. Shaminder, the strategist, executes and identifies new op- portunities while motivating his team through every win and loss. Jasneet is the heart, connecting with and delivering on projects for high-net-worth clients, while staying in close communication with each Condoville mem- ber to ensure they know and feel their value. “Shaminder is like a father figure who cares not only about Condoville, but about each of the members. I see him as a wall of trust and security. I know I can go to him for any- thing, whether it’s regarding the company or a personal issue,” says Sumeet Banwait, the company’s director of operations and general counsel. “Jasneet is definitely the mother. She relaxes the work environment by visiting every- one’s office to have one-on-ones and, if there are any issues or concerns, she listens to our point of view before making any comments. She makes every effort to understand and compliment us.”
Feeling good is a big part of Condoville’s corporate culture. As a teenager who played basketball and volleyball at a high level, Shaminder witnessed the benefits of positive group dynamics. Now, as a business owner, both he and Jasneet model this proactive behaviour. All employees are encouraged to excel in their individual roles, while functioning as a team with the stronger players looking out for, supporting and developing the newer team mem- bers so that everyone wins — and not just real estate contracts. Condoville culture believes that striving for and creating a collaborative environment builds strong, resilient and healthy relationships, increases learning and eliminates mistakes. It’s a mindset the Gognas look for in new members, which may explain why many in the group are real-life family or have a previous relationship with someone on the team. “Having a group of indi- viduals that have a pre-existing relationship with similar interests and are driven by the same goal truly results in a team that can consider each other family,” explains Shaminder. “Our team is smart, but I attribute our success to our emotional intelligence. Also, it doesn’t hurt that we all love fashion, fast cars and expensive Champagne. Taste goes a long way with our team.”
While hunkering down to provide, find, secure and generate real estate opportunities may require a closed office door to get the day started, by lunchtime they’re flung wide open again. The team is together, and chatter and laughter fill the air. “We have a beautiful balance with beautiful souls,” says Shaminder. “We are truly family here.”