Experience the pinnacle of distinction at the Living Luxe Awards Show, Living Luxe Magazine’s first ever award show—an exclusive celebration honouring the forefront of interior design, architecture, fashion, and real estate. Join us in a night that breathes life into excellence and recognizes those reshaping industries with their unparalleled dedication and innovation.

By: Melissa Torlak


Welcome to the Living Luxe Awards Show—Living Luxe Magazine’s first ever award show to celebrate where distinction meets success. This grand event transcends the ordinary, becoming a magnificent ode to the epitome of interior design, architecture, fashion, and real estate. More than just a ceremony, it stands as inspiration, spotlighting the relentless passion and groundbreaking achievements of designers, creators, innovators, and trendsetters. This isn’t merely a gathering; it’s a celebration that reveres the visionaries reshaping industries and setting unprecedented standards of eminence.


At its heart, the Living Luxe Awards Show embodies a commitment to celebrate exceptional talent and pioneering spirits. From interior designers who transform spaces into captivating realms to architects crafting architectural marvels; from fashion icons reshaping trends to real estate mavens redefining luxury living, this event pays homage to those who’ve left an indelible mark on their respective fields.


Throughout this extraordinary evening, attendees will be graced by the presence of high-profile individuals, esteemed business owners, socialites, media luminaries, and celebrities. It’s a congregation that understands the significance of being acknowledged at the Living Luxe Awards Show—an acknowledgment of dedication and influence shaping the very essence of luxury.


This celebration is more than an evening of recognition; it’s a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence. Each award represents not just an achievement but a narrative of dedication, innovation, and a tireless commitment to setting new benchmarks in their respective domains.


Living Luxe has carefully curated luminaries defining excellence within Canada’s design industry as our Award Show judge. These six esteemed judges are set to highlight outstanding talent while recognizing local design brilliance. 


Meet our judges: 

– Jeanne Beker: Fashion Television host, author, and keynote speaker.

– Nadia Di Donato: Creative director of the Liberty Entertainment Group.

– Natasha Koifman: Founder of NKPR, a leading public relations agency.

– Shelli Oh: Renowned Toronto designer in wearable art.

– George Sully: Award-winning fashion entrepreneur and founder of Black Designers of Canada.

– Richard Wengle: Renowned architect specializing in luxury designs.


Our six esteemed judges will be judging our prestigious awards punctuating the evening’s celebration, each representing the pinnacle of achievement within their field. The following awards for the Living Luxe Award Show are: 


  1. Outstanding Booth Design Award
  2. Emerging Talent Award
  3. Indigenous Artistry Award 
  4. Fashion Icon Award
  5. Inspirational Showroom Award
  6. Architectural Innovator Award
  7. Mastermind Builder Award
  8. Brokerage Excellence Award
  9. Luxury Condominium Development Award
  10. Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  11. Cutting-Edge Black Designer Award 
  12. The Living Luxe Award


Each award embodies a story of dedication, innovation, and excellence, honoring those who have not just succeeded but transformed their fields. The Living Luxe Awards Show isn’t just a celebration; it’s an ode to those redefining standards and elevating luxury living. It’s a tribute to the relentless pursuit of perfection and an inspiration for generations to come. Join us in applauding these trailblazers, whose work doesn’t just transform spaces but sets the stage for the future of design, architecture, fashion, and real estate.


Want to nominate someone or yourself? Our Awards nomination portal is NOW OPEN and will close February 1, 2024!