RP Design — celebrating its fifth anniversary — specializes in helping homeowners create the space of their dreams. Here’s what designer and owner Rutnaish Prihar told us about her flourishing business.

By Tara MacIntosh


It should come as no surprise that the ideal time to incorporate design into your new build or renovation is at the beginning of the process. “A home must look gorgeous and be a liveable space at the same time. The placement of every element inside must flow and function to complement the homeowner’s lifestyle,” says Rutnaish Prihar, owner of RP Design, a full-service interior design firm based in Oakville, Ont. “As the designer, I visualize every detail; therefore, being involved from the beginning allows me to work with the architects and builders to create the perfect custom home.”


Understanding the importance of functional design, Prihar constantly surveys her environment for inspiration. “Each space I design is personalized for my clients. My goal is to have each client see themselves reflected in the space and for the interiors to add ease of lifestyle,” she says. She will incorporate cultural and historically significant items in the home, ensuring her client feels connected to the art and decor in their space.


This year, RP Design is celebrating five successful years in business, which was launched after Prihar built and designed three family homes in southeast Oakville. Throughout the process, she was often asked if she designed for others. Knowing there was a demand for her design aesthetic, she followed her passion for exceptional interiors and started RP Designs in 2018. Since then, the company has grown to include designing custom furnishings and creat ing bespoke hand-knotted, pure wool and silk rugs with Weaver & Loom. “I love to customize details for my clients, including bespoke rugs from Nepal with the perfect colour combinations. I create a work of art on the floor to pull the room together. I love to incorporate design features and details that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary,” she says with pride.


Working with RP Design offers an impressive individual experience. Each project begins with a consultation to review the client’s goals and lifestyle, sparking ideas for a visually stunning yet functional space. The consultation is followed by reviewing drawings, finding a suitable architect or builder and finalizing the details before building or renovations begin. Planning and selection are the following stages, which further review the renderings, obtain permits where required and incorporate luxury elements such as natural stone tiles, luxury hardware and custom furnishings. “Proper scale and fit are imperative for flow and accessibility. Clients look to me when it comes to helping them visualize the look of a finished room or how all the pieces will flow together,” says Prihar. “These details are so important to capture the desired finished look. Luxury is not only about customized pieces and high-end finishings. It’s also about seamlessly creating an environment that complements a client’s style and needs.” Knowing the entire picture in advance allows the design showpieces — think marble slabs with matching veins, made-to-measure furnishings, artwork and high-end finishes — to be sourced and ordered well in advance.


Over the last five years, RP Design has been involved in design projects from traditional and transitional to super modern and contemporary — Prihar has mastered it all. “I love the simplicity of modern design with all its rich details, but I am certainly comfortable designing for all styles,” she says. “My favourite moment is when the client sees the finished product and they are truly wowed. When I create a jaw-dropping reveal, I believe I’ve done my job and accomplished my goal.”