Studio Paolo Ferrari is led by a fascinating visionary who excels in all things architecture and design. Here’s what Ferrari told us about his eponymous firm and his brilliant creations.

By Tara MacIntosh

Photography by Joel Esposito and Studio Paolo Ferrari


Toronto-based Studio Paolo Ferrari epitomizes all that’s new and fresh in the design world. Their one-of-a-kind innovation is recognized worldwide as first-class luxury. “We aim to push the language of every project forward,” says Paolo Ferrari, the designer behind the award winning firm. “Every project has a personality and a message it wishes to communicate. Our job is to ensure the message is received and elevated by doing the unexpected.”


The distinguished work of the studio stems from brilliant and unique ideas. “We liken design to creating a film. A single idea will spark incredible flow, functionality and beauty, bringing a space into its own,” Ferrari says. “Before we begin, we must clearly understand the demographic and how a space should be experienced, then we start to imagine the possibilities and let them take shape.” Understanding lived experiences and providing an opulent atmosphere have resulted in an international reputation for excellence.


Studio Paolo Ferrari was founded in 2016 with the distinguished honour of designing a nightclub, The Secret Room, in Dubai. The success of The Secret Room led to the opportunity to design the ultra-luxe Desert Rock Resort in Saudi Arabia, known for its forward-thinking architecture and luxury appeal. The recognition garnered from these posh destinations allowed Studio Paolo Ferrari to embark on an exciting growth trajectory, with notable projects in Canada, the US, Asia, Europe and throughout the Middle East.


As visionaries with a deep passion for design, Studio Paolo Ferrari’s primary role is as consultants in planning, interior architecture and furniture design. The bespoke furnishings they imagine are designed to seamlessly fit into the concept and unique dimensions of the room. “We strive to create entire worlds,” he explains. “It is an ecosystem of ideas, with one feeding into the other.” The furnishings enhance the interior aesthetic and the user experience with exceptional comfort and made-to-order shape.




Working with Studio Paolo Ferrari is seamless and inspirational. The process begins with an interview to explain and explore the project, destination or vision. Projects are evaluated and accepted for various reasons, including architectural interest, unique client vision, a desirable locale or innovative concepts. The proposal stage is closely tied to the architect and the larger collaborative team, as each piece is intricately connected. “Projects vary in length and can take up to several years, so getting all the essential players in place at the beginning is a must,” he says. “Design and ideas excite us the most — everything magical stems from there.”


The studio’s exceptional visionaries and flawless execution have garnered many awards in design on a global scale. “We love to watch life unfold organically. We draw inspiration from everyday experiences and elevate them to incorporate timelessness and longevity in the most gorgeous and simplistic ways possible.”