From daily-wear jewels to special- occasion masterpieces, Messika has been a force in the world of fi ne jewellery. And Valérie Messika is the trailblazer and creative genius behind the impressive line. Here’s what you need to know about the Maison, and its signature collection.
By Lisa van de Geyn


Valérie Messika, the founder and artistic director of the incomparable Messika, comes by diamonds and fi ne jewellery honestly. Her father, André Messika, was a key player in the international diamond trade back in the 1970s and ’80s. Valérie’s childhood memories include travelling with André as he searched far and wide for exceptional gems. It wasn’t long before she followed in his footsteps, becoming enamoured by all things diamonds. Not only did she devote herself and her career to the sparkling gem, but she also took her passion a step further: In 2005, she took an entrepreneurial leap and created her eponymous brand. Th e company is rooted in creativity and innovation, and under Valérie’s leadership and vision, it’s matured into an industry leader when it comes to jewels dedicated to femininity , modernity , strength, elegance and timelessness. “Messika is a story of passion and savoirfaire, a deeply rooted family and business venture,” says Valérie. “I have let my creativity and diamond expertise run free at the heart of the Maison. I like to break the codes of the diamond industry. I think of my creations as fashion jewellery with an exceptional know-how. I create pieces that are sensual, like precious tattoos, and can be worn by all women. Each piece of jewellery brings the final touch of light, the unique note that will make the difference.” Valérie has broken barriers in the diamond industry by creating pieces that women can wear every day , other than engagement and wedding rings. She’s a trailblazer who created a brand for multifaceted women everywhere. “The Messika High Jewellery Maison is anchored in French jewellery traditions, and it’s known for its innovation, like the Skinny concept, which features slim diamond lines of surprising flexibility ,” she says. “We strive to create new and surprising shapes that will enhance female beauty and blend the timeless with the contemporary.”

Th e red-carpet brand has been seen on countless celebrities (think Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez), and the company has worked with Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid in the past. Th e latest face of Messika is model Kendall Jenner. “Messika calls on powerful women. Recognized worldwide, Jenner perfectly represents Messika’s spirit of a free and assertive woman. She embodies the fashion part of Messika’s DNA.”


Playful. Fun. Noticeable. Iconic. The company’s signature concept, invented in 2007 by Valérie, was genius: Sensual diamonds shimmering in movement. Inspired by Valérie’s childhood memories of her father sliding diamonds between his fingers, the Move collection offers the wearer just that — the ability to move her gems. Messika has perfected its mobile diamonds, which slide on rails, thanks to a truly impressive system. Diamonds in all categories of jewellery — from pendants and bracelets to rings and long necklaces — feature this incredible design. Simply move the diamonds and watch them sparkle and glisten in new ways.

The Move collection was expanded in 2019 with the release of the Lucky Move. For the first time in the company’s storied history, a collection was created using coloured stones. “Unconventional and radiant, the Lucky Move colour collection emphasizes the unique spirit and character of each stone through their different veins and gradients,” she says. “The gems give a more casual and delicate aspect to the Lucky Move range, allowing the pieces to be worn as a more day-to-day style.”

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