Coffee Time

Jura’s Chris Papastathopoulos answers our questions on all things java.

How have coffee drinkers evolved?

Coffee drinkers are very sophisticated. They are very precise about their taste preferences. Whether they prefer a sharp espresso with a specific taste profile, or are looking for a well-rounded and full-bodied espresso with some dark chocolate notes to finish. It is really quite amazing to see how coffee drinkers evolved into coffee connoisseurs, and today are becoming brilliant coffee virtuosos. Coffee drinkers are not only particular about the final product, but they are now in tune with the whole process right down to the farming of the beans.

What do you think is the most popular coffee beverage these days?

I have to say that the classics are still resounding favourites. Espresso and cappuccino always lead the way. Yet, when I look at the trends, the Flat White is certainly becoming a fan favourite.

Do you approach coffee differently when entertaining?

I really don’t approach coffee differently because I have always believed in providing my guests with an exceptional experience from start to end, but it has certainly become a more prominent part of the overall entertaining experience. Coffee is no longer just an afterthought that takes a back seat to the meal. Coffee has become just as important and as relevant as the main course and wine selection. In many ways it’s more important because it’s the final piece to a superb evening or event. I never want my guests to leave with the thought, “That was a great night, but I didn’t enjoy that coffee.”

What are your favourite tools for brewing?

My JURA S8 Chrome, my JURA Cool Control 0.6L, my Trucillo Gran Bar Beans, and my 3.25-percent milk.

coffee machine

What trends do you see in terms of how we consume and brew coffee?

Coffee drinkers are now in tune with the whole process right down to the farming of the beans. I believe that we’ll see more of this very specific and sophisticated approach to coffee, where we go right back to bean origins and actively engage and participate in the brewing of our own personalized cup. We are truly seeing the melding of science with passion and art in the coffee world.

How has the coffee machine industry changed as of late?

I believe that the coffee machine industry is reacting to the evolution of the coffee drinker. JURA has always been a leader in this space because of our dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability. We recognize that the coffee virtuosos of today are looking to create their own personal brand of coffee. Our machines cater to that by focusing on a “freshly ground, not capsuled” philosophy.

What are your favourite coffee-based drinks?

I love my Flat White, but recently I served this recipe from the JURA website to my guests and it was fantastic.

Café Kahlúa
(for 2)

2 x 50 ml espresso
40 ml milk
40 ml Kahlúa
2 tsp icing sugar
ice cubes

1. Put the ice cubes in a shaker.
2. Prepare the espresso in the same shaker and add the remaining ingredients.
3. Shake for about 20 seconds so that the espresso cools immediately.
4. Pour the mixture into two small decorative glasses.

two cups of coffee