With a philosophy of bean to cup, JURA sure knows how to make the perfect brew.
By Adriana Ermter

Feeling hot and cold about your caffeine choices? You should — coffee is a complex bean. Its evolutionary journey through the years has transformed it from a classic drip to seemingly unlimited options that range from strong Americanos and velvety flat whites to dark cold-brew espressos. In fact, according to the U.S. National Coffee Association’s 2021 National Coffee Data Trends Report, chilled coffees now sit in the top-three spot of favoured cups of java. And why not? They’re delicious and as effortless to brew as a hot blend, especially with the JURA Z10 coffee machine.

A premium at-home appliance, this compact machine is sleek in design with a convex-concave front and two distinct looks to choose from, Aluminum White and Diamond Black. At 12.6 inches wide, 15 inches high and 17.7 inches deep, it’s smaller than the average coffee machine, which takes up 17 to 18 inches of space, says Chris Papastathopoulos, the Canadian national sales manager for JURA.

A touch-display system and visual prompts on the screen guide your every move, such as when to add beans, empty the drip tray, and replace the filter.

A precise “Swiss-engineered” thermal-block heating system guarantees optimal brewing temperatures, and the Z10 introduces cold brew specialties. The Product Recognizing Grinder customizes the grind, be it a finer, more potent and concentrated grind for espressos, or one that’s coarse for cold options. “As a residential hot and cold-brew espresso machine, it’s a world first!” affirms Papastathopoulos. “You basically have a café on your countertop.” And playing barista is up for grabs with any of the 32 specialty coffees, including cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and espresso doppios. Courtesy of the brand’s 90 years of Swiss technology and innovation, quality and consistency of at-home brews make savouring every drop the new and coveted norm. “That’s my favourite part,” adds Papastathopoulos. “You can enjoy a cup of coffee sitting on the couch in the morning. You’re not running around picking up to-go orders. Coffee time can be relaxed, like you’re sitting in a European café.”


Further in alignment with European coffee standards, the Z10 produces smaller-sized cups of Joe to ensure optimum flavour. And while most any bean will do, an espresso roast is preferable, as it contains less oil for minimal oily residue to clean up. But the best part of all is this: “The kitchen that has the Z10 becomes a destination spot for family and friends,” says Papastathopoulos.