Designing With Passion

Darlene Janeiro specializes in sharing life’s design journey with her clients

For Darlene Janeiro, owner of Darlene Janeiro Design in Oakville, Ont., creating the perfect living space for her clients is a partnership. She will tell you that many of her clients have relied on her and her team for home design and renovations for years as they move from home to home and grow their families.

From the moment she first meets with a client, she is bringing together the pieces that will not only make a home look polished, but will reflect the client’s personality and taste. Janeiro says she has assembled her team based on this desire to create spaces that homeowners will love. “Our team of six is passionate about the projects we work on. I ensure they share the same passion as me so we can deliver the best for our clients.”

Her team has also expanded their studio space to allow clients to have a more hands-on design experience. She says the studio is a great meeting spot to review a project while allowing clients to explore Darlene Janeiro Design. Clients can also view many beautiful, luxurious accessories and furniture pieces that they can buy right off the showroom floor. This commitment to creating the perfect space has been a career-long mantra for Janeiro, who started in the design industry more than 15 years ago. Her dedication to her clients, paired with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, allowed her to quickly establish herself as a force in the design community and grow her business beyond traditional interior design. This has allowed her to expand her service portfolio to include project management, something her clients greatly appreciate. Her team will help facilitate a renovation project, while striving for the best in craftsmanship and quality materials. “We want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. We act as mediators between clients and tradespeople, and we oversee the entire process,” she says.

From developing the design concept to managing contractor relationships, her team ensures that all details of the project fi t their clients’ discerning tastes. “Th ere are no cookie-cutter designs. We create a space that is unique to the client and their personality,” Janeiro says, adding her team applies this philosophy to all their projects, which include residential and condo design and renovation. “We refurbish and glamorize spaces focusing on attention to detail in design and finishes. But first, we want to know who the client is. What is their lifestyle? How can we design a custom look to suit their needs?”

While working with homeowners and condo building owners to create spaces that are tasteful, inviting and reflect modern design, her team has been instrumental in the refurbishment and upgrade of many condo building amenities across the Greater Toronto Area, such as lobbies and common spaces, bringing in much-needed vitality and flow. “We understand the demographics of the building and focus on the goal of the building,” she says, noting older buildings can remain competitive with new buildings through elegant design upgrades, with the application of quality materials that capture the essence of the building’s beauty.

She adds these upgrades are also a great way to add to the value of a building, allowing it to maintain its status as a sought-aft er residence. “We bring features into these places that are attractive and reflect the lifestyle of the building,” she says. The result of her team’s work is a collection of satisfied clients who turn to her for all their home renovation needs. She believes that collaborating with a family as it moves through different stages of life makes the design process special. “We follow a family’s journey to happily ever after. That’s the part we are most passionate about.”