Ditch The Diet

Gina Livy is on a mission to change the diet industry. Here, Livy clears up some misconceptions about diets and tells us how to get healthier.

Living Luxe: You say our bodies are looking to get rid of fat in the spring and summer months, as opposed to acting like a heater in the winter. This is great timing! Why is this?

Gina Livy: Yes, exactly; seasonal change is a real thing when it comes to your body. Being aware and making some slight adjustments can make all the difference when looking to lose weight. In the winter, the body keeps you in hibernation mode, giving you low energy and making you crave heavier carbs, fatty meats along with hot and spicy foods that help to create heat and keep you warm. As temperatures rise, and the days get longer and you increase that vitamin D, your body gets the message that it’s time to boost your metabolism, give you more energy and shed any extra fat it would have naturally felt inclined to store over the winter. This makes spring and summer the perfect time to lose weight.

LL: Many of us get caught up in fad diets that don’t work. Where should we start if we want to make changes to our diets and lifestyles this season?

GL: That’s a great question because are we not all tired of losing weight just to gain it all back? I have five tips for finally-and-forever weight loss. First, have a realistic timeline for reaching your goal. We know that quick fixes don’t work. If you have a lot of weight to lose that can seem daunting, the key is to take it day by day. You may not lose all your weight for summer, but by the end of it, you will have lost a good chunk and be well on your way to reaching your goal. Second, look for a program where the goal is to lose weight in a way that makes your body healthier in the process. Third, go for a plan that goes above and beyond the food you are eating and looks to address the issues and associations you have created around food. Fourth, check your motivation. What is motivating you now and moving forward? Having a clear understanding of your “why” can help give you the staying power you need to follow through, finish and reach your goals. Finally, see an end to your weight-loss journey. Visualizing and seeing yourself reaching your goal can go a long way to creating a clear plan and path moving forward.

LL: Water consumption matters in weight loss, and it’s so important when the weather heats up. How much water should we be drinking and how does this help us stay healthy?

GL: Without enough water, the body will have you craving high-water-content foods like fruits that can easily be misread as a need for sugar and carbs, making them difficult to avoid. Lack of water can also affect the ability for food to move in and out of your system, which in turn can affect not only your bowel movements but also your body’s ability to detox. The average person needs three-and-a-half litres just for processing food in and out. The need for more or less depends on a variety of factors, like medications, environment, alcohol consumption, salty or hard-to-digest foods and activity levels.

Here are a few of my tips for getting it in:

• Aim for a set amount. Start drinking early and spread it out through the day.

• Add lemon or any other fruit or veg to your water throughout the day and it will help keep you better hydrated. • Add trace mineral drops to your water.

Found in a variety of plant and animal sources, trace minerals like iron, zinc and iodine, for example, are not only beneficial, but necessary for good digestive health, regulating hormones and boosting your immune system.

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