It’s time we invested more in goods and services that are well made and eco-centric. Think of sustainability as more than a concept — it’s a lifestyle. In the first of our new Market Trends columns, president of NKPR Natasha Koifman shares six companies that are putting our planet first. Support them and you’ll make a di­fference, too.

April is Earth month, serving as a reminder that we really
should celebrate and protect our small blue planet every
day. With climate changes knocking at the door, brands and organizations need to have a sustainability strategy — this
movement has become increasingly critical to remain relevant and competitive in today’s consumer world. How can you get involved? As consumers, the way we spend our dollars is often the most powerful way we can show our support. Here are a variety of innovative brands
and businesses with values rooted in putt ing our planet first.

Age of Union

Launched by tech leader and environmental activist Dax Dasilva, Age of Union is a non-profit environmental alliance that supports a global community of change makers working to protect the planet’s threatened species and ecosystems. Dasilva believes that we are in the decade of action, where real changes can be made by acting for the betterment of our planet. How can you help? Purchase Age of Union sustainably produced gear, including tote bags and apparel. Profits help fund Age of Union 


Buying pre-loved products is good for the economy and reduces environmental waste. 1stDibs is an e-commerce marketplace that sells luxury furniture, fine art and jewellery. I love shopping for iconic vintage pieces — like this set of 1950’s mid-century modern chairs by Italian designer Marco Zanuso. The website also offers a collection dedicated to brands that are leading the way in sustainable design.

SS Tile & Stone

If you’re looking for a way to achieve the look of exotic wood floors without using wood, SS Tile & Stone has just the solution. Their Materia Viva porcelain tile collection by ORNAMENTA is stylish and creates a warm atmosphere of decorated wood with a high-performance and eco-sustainable quality. Available in three colours.

Lifetime Developments’ Oscar Residences

Mariana Milborne, chief operating officer at Milborne Group, a leading broker in Toronto, says buyers are demanding buildings that prioritize sustainability . An example of this is Oscar Residences, Toronto’s fi rst HEALTHY residential building by Lifetime Developments, nestled in the prestigious Annex neighbourhood. In addition to integrating sustainable materials throughout, Lifetime was the first in the city to partner with Clear Inc., a premium quality water system. Residents can also expect an air-filtration system for all common areas of the building, including the amenity spaces, corridors and the lobby. and 

Flow Water

Of all the planet’s resources, water is the most essential. Flow is natural alkaline water sourced from artesian springs. Alkaline water restores pH balance in the body and has a higher potential hydrogen, providing greater hydration than regular water. I love Flow’s responsibly sourced Tetra Pak packaging and plant-based caps — their packaging is 100 percent recyclable and 75 percent renewable. The brand also recently launched Flow Vitamin-Infused Spring Water in three delicious flavours.

2023 Cadillac Lyriq

I love a chic-looking crossover SUV that drives with cloud-like comfort. Enter the new 2023 Cadillac Lyriq, the brand’s fi rst luxury electric vehicle. Lyriq gets up to 502 kilometres on a full charge, it comes with a 330-inch LED display and it’s available in all-wheel drive. When you drive an EV car, you are making the choice to help fi ght climate change while saving on fuel costs and boosting your “green” street cred. Find your Lyriq at Toronto’s Old Mill Cadillac.