As a bona fide millwork master, Flexwood Fine Cabinetry’s Martin Guzda is all about a home’s intricate elements.
By Lisa van de Geyn
Photography by Darex Studio

When Martin Guzda, of Toronto-based Flexwood Fine Cabinetry — one of the premier companies specializing in kitchens, bathrooms and interiors — was brought in to handle the millwork for this older home in Rosedale, all he could see was potential. “Wolfe Interior Design and DRM Development Group were working on restoring this old home and adding onto it. We worked together seamlessly, and I knew we could make a huge difference in how this new space would come together,” he says. “It’s an old historic house and inside, we made it very eclectic by adding some modern elements mixed with traditional elements, like the old wood railings that were left on the stairs. Wolfe ID was careful to preserve some of the home’s unique history, but we really updated the rest.”

Guzda’s work is found throughout the entire space — there’s nowhere in the house that doesn’t feature Flexwood Fine Cabinetry’s touch, skill and sophistication. Standing in the front foyer, you see the integrated doors and dark wood archways done in white oak — they’re statementmaking features that add vitality and personality to the space. Taking a cue from the dark front door, the archways offer contrast and pop when looking at the hallway’s white wainscoting. Then there are the details in the walk-in closets, where you’ll see shelving units done meticulously with LED lights to brighten up the area. There’s minimal hardware in these spaces, to keep that streamlined look (Guzda says it’s trendy now to use integrated hardware) and the island, risers and kick plates are done in a dark hue while the cabinets take on a lighter taupe-grey shade.

The kitchen is also the perfect example of Guzda’s skill on display. He had to work around the existing structure of the house, which meant hiding the staircase behind cabinets that truly look like usable drawers. “We also mixed different materials. To give the space contrast with the light island, we opted for dark cabinetry and did a panel on the wine fridge to make it blend in effortlessly with the cabinetry,” he explains. The integrated fridge and freezer stand side by side and are hidden to match the streamlined, clean look and feel of the kitchen. Instead of taking away storage by adding a range hood, Guzda and the Wolfe ID added more cabinets over the stove and incorporated an open shelf in the same colour as the island that acts as a decorative element ty ng the kitchen together — it just adds personality . (There’s also a special feature behind the kitchen — hanging on the wall leading to the back door is a shallow geometric-shaped built-in with shelves where the homeowner can display important knick knacks.)

The bedroom and the office are tied together beautifully. In the bedroom, there’s intricate wall panelling behind the bed, and integrated porcelain tiles in the shelf build to give it a higher-end feel. The metal doors leading into the office are reminiscent of the bedroom’s entryway, but it’s the back fluted wall done in walnut with floating shelves that really pulls focus and adds interest.

Finally, the basement is full of Guzda’s work, with built-in storage areas for the homeowners, as well as the built-in that features a fireplace and countertop that runs above a set of drawers. “The countertop meets the drawer front joint on a 45-degree angle, so it’s seamless — you don’t see the thickness of the counter or the doors. The counter is porcelain cladded while the built-in is done in white oak veneer,” he says. No detail was left behind, no stone left unturned. The team managed to turn an older home with tired elements into a stunning, seamless showpiece the homeowners can be proud of. It’s no easy feat, but one that sees Flexwood Fine Cabinetry excel.