The founders of Noeud Atelier du Parquet are an inspirational duo who care about luxurious products, satisfied clients and ensuring architectural hardwood flooring is always treated like art.

Akin to walking into a grand art gallery or a flourishing botanical garden, Noeud Atelier du Parquet is an experience like no other. The aroma of blossomed peonies fills the air and tranquil instrumental music reaches every corner of the ample, elegant space. Co-owners Wissam Qassim and Dana Marei have intentionally created a sensory experience in their showroom — the calming yet invigorating ambiance clients experience is essential to choosing the architectural hardwood flooring that will inspire their homes. Indeed, the pair is inspired by nature and ensure their product offerings are consciously manufactured. “Noeud is the French word for “knot,” a phenomenon found in hardwood floors in places where new tree branches would form,” says Wissam. “We think of it like a tree, and each tree branch is a new beginning or path for that tree. Each client we work with gives us a chance to go on a new journey and help them represent their story, history and passion with custom flooring.”

Their impressive showroom, in Toronto’s Castlefield design district at 12 Wingold Avenue, embodies the ultimate in luxury and quality. The duo has a deep appreciation for design and attention to meticulous detail, and their curation of high-end flooring ensures whatever products their clients choose will be luxurious European-made hardwood. The showroom features a beautiful collection of architectural hardwood flooring displays in different treatments and tones and there’s a comfortable sitting area where clients can relax and converse with Wissam and Dana — it offers a quiet space where inspirations and design visions can be shared. “We like to get intimate with our clients to fully understand their ideas and the stories behind their choices. Service at Noeud is customized to each space after a careful review and understanding our clients’ needs,” says Dana. “Flooring is a piece of art within a room, and we ensure it represents the story each client wants to tell.”

Architectural hardwood treatments such as tonality and texture should never be an afterthought — it’s generally the largest surface in the room requiring design consideration. “Flooring should be the foundation of your design, as it is one of the finishes that is difficult to change after the fact. It is important to get it right in the concept stage,” Wissam explains. “When choosing where to invest, you want to put your money into something permanent — flooring is one of those things. The sooner we can get involved in the design process, the better it is to ensure the quality, materials and concept represent the story the homeowner wants to tell.”



That story is of utmost importance to Dana and Wissam. Upon completion of each project, Noeud’s team creates and presents a custom storybook that looks back at the client’s journey. Each part of the process — from concept to design to installation — is personalized and memorialized.

With a wealth of experience in construction, the Noeud team takes great pride in contributing to the overall look and feel of a home. Every project is an opportunity to leave a part of their craft behind to be enjoyed for generations. The team — including builders, designers, architects, photographers and a robust community of trades — work collaboratively to create the final product they hope homeowners will fall in love with. “Being part of this community is an absolute honour. Our team members are also like branches on a tree — we all work in harmony to create a remarkable piece of art,” Wissam says proudly.