From weddings and wine tastings to romantic dinners and corporate affairs, the proprietors of Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Two Sisters Vineyards are experts when it comes to connecting family, friends and colleagues one deliciously smooth sip at a time.

By Adriana Ermter


Often referred to as “Aqua vitae,” the water of life, wine has a long history of serving as the VIP of the party, the toast of every celebration and something special that connects us with family and friends. Legend has it that in 41 BC, Cleopatra was rumoured to frequently clink glasses with Mark Antony, and on one occasion, even dropped a pearl earring into her wine before drinking it down. In the Bible’s New Testament, Jesus is said to have turned water into wine before serving it to the masses at a gathering. And throughout the 1980s and ’90s, Diana, Princess of Wales (as claimed by the royal family’s former chef Darren McGrady in previous media interviews) often enjoyed Chardonnay at formal dinners and functions.


“The opening of a bottle is the opening up of possibilities,” says Angela Marotta and Melissa Marotta-Paolicelli, sisters and co-proprietors of Two Sisters Vineyards in Ontario’s Niagara-on-the-Lake region. “Wine can truly bring people together and create real connection. We love to gather with friends, family and loved ones over our award winning wines and enjoy deep conversation and reflection. Good food and extraordinary wine set the perfect tone.”


“The beauty and charm of Niagara’s wine country and the elegance of our estate, we promise an unforgettable experience and lasting memories for all our guests.”


With more than 170 acres of vineyards that have been growing for 16 years, replete with Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grape vines to name a few, the stunning estate is an ideal destination to host and participate in events. While weddings on the grounds are spectacular and highly coveted, Two Sisters Vineyards also offers guests the opportunity to celebrate all of life’s exciting milestones and moments, inclusive of hosting private birthdays and anniversaries. Not only can guests partake in tasting experiences, but they can also enjoy delectable food pairings and cozy dinners with friends at the rustic Italian restaurant, Kitchen76 — all while sipping complex full-bodied reds and elegant terroir-driven whites. “Our family passion is to bring an extraordinary wine and culinary experience to the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake,” the pair says. “We are a family-owned-and-operated estate, and our personal touches can be experienced in every offering.”


These offerings can be experienced throughout the winery and vineyard, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves within the site’s gorgeous landscape. In the estate’s Wine Boutique, guests can participate in daily walk-in tastings with no reservations needed, while within the Barrel Cellar, in-depth tastings are curated by the estate sommelier magister. During the warmer months, guests can sip and savour al fresco on the veranda and the restaurant’s outdoor terrace, while the Pond Pergola is available for both private and estate events. A culinary hotspot, Kitchen76 is as renowned for its Italian-inspired cuisine with a Niagara twist, as is the vineyard’s award-winning wines.


For those who are looking to celebrate their event at the vineyard, the team at Two Sisters Vineyards pride themselves on bringing together a fully sensorial experience where their guests can learn, taste and be fully immersed in the truly special ambiance of the estate. “Our team will orchestrate your event into an unforgettable and memorable experience so that your time with us lives up to your every expectation,” they say. Guests planning events can collaborate with the estate’s events team to curate special moments, menus and wine tastings — all to complement their clients’ needs. For discerning wine enthusiasts, monthly experiences highlighting specific components of the wine-tasting experience, including glassware seminars and wine-and-food pairings can be booked through the company’s website. Lunch and dinner reservations for Kitchen76 may also be booked online.


“Infused with the beauty and charm of Niagara’s wine country and the elegance of our estate, we promise an unforgettable experience and lasting memories for all our guests,” say Marotta and Marotta-Paolicelli. “Sipping premium wines while taking in the ambiance of our stunning event spaces create a truly unforgettable experience for all.”


Photography by Melissa Joan Ho & Two Sisters Vineyards