Fierce Metamorphosis

Lifestyle editor Jeanne Beker talks about jewellery that literally transforms before your eyes.

It’s been said that in life, the only constant is change. And while some shifts are hugely challenging, change and transformation are often emblematic of versatility and growth. Show the world—and yourself—how malleable and resilient you are by choosing a unique piece of jewellery that will help tell your own personal story. These statement pieces are both precious and playful—from a striking white-gold pendant featuring a quartet of dazzling circles and a trio of floating diamonds, to a foldable pavé diamond ring comprised of separate bands that can be configured to be worn in three ways for different looks, to the exotic notion of a mystical dragon wrapped around your wrist. Spin a ring of multi coloured sapphires round your finger as you contemplate your next move. Turn the centre ball of a sparkling pendant to suit your moods or drip John Hardy dragon-scale teardrops from your earlobes to make a statement about both strength and vulnerability. Hardy encourages more whimsy with a silver-and-gold accent lariat, featuring a bold dragon head clasp. Or empower your delicate hand with the ornate, mythical monster—there’s no question this piece has transformational qualities that will take you and your personal style to a whole other level. And we’re certainly not forgetting the men in our lives: Who wouldn’t savour a red tiger-eye beaded bracelet adorned with silver skulls as a symbol of immortality and transformation?

Photography by Tyler Boweditch and Jewellery by Knar.

Jewellery by Knar.   Jewellery by Knar.