From the bold to the understated, Weavers Art’s showroom offers something for everyone when it comes to the top design trends for 2022.
By Silvana Longo

With the bloom of spring at our doorstep, it’s the perfect time to think about refreshing our interiors. Whether you plan on doing a renovation or remodel, or simply want to redecorate a room, choosing the right area rug to kick off your decorating ventures is paramount. “Th  art you choose for your floor will heavily influence the decor theme for the entire space,” says Michael Pourvakil, president of Weavers Art. From classic mainstay styles such as transitional Persian rugs to modern painterly patterns, the array of hand-knotted mastery offers inspiration at every turn. It is easy to see why Weavers Art is the go-to place servicing both the design industry and design devotees in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as clients from coast to coast in Canada and the U.S., for the past three decades. We caught up with Pourvakil to talk design trends and get some insight on what is happening in the market, as well as how the pandemic has prompted perhaps the most predominant decorating direction in interiors. The main trend, you ask? Warm interiors trump cool, minimalist spaces. And there is no better way to pull off warmth in a space than by adding lush layers, starting underfoot, with an area rug.

That said, Pourvakil sees a definite split in the market. Minimalists still gravitate toward a tone-on-tone aesthetic. “These are the clients who prefer very light shades to grace their floors,” he says. “And then there is the other half on the opposite side who want bold, colourful statement rugs that act as the centrepiece of the space.” Surely, there’s more at play here in between the two extremes, so we did some digging and discovered some common themes that explain and perhaps unify these two seemingly opposed decorating styles that define this particular moment in design.

Vintage Vibe

After years of spartan Scandi-looking interiors, that 1970s look is wrapping our interiors with a warm nostalgic glow, thanks to cozy curves and shapes. Make it more inviting with a modern nod to the shag carpet by choosing a thick, high-pile wool carpet where you can really see the loops. You can keep the colour muted and let the texture add the interest, which prevents a neutral scheme from looking dull.

Lilac Love

This is the subtle sister shade of the 2022 Pantone periwinkle pick: VERY PERI. Both fashion and interiors are embracing the softer side of purple with Lilac. This gentle, creativity-provoking hue is a trending colour for interiors, especially when paired with neutrals.

Channelling Checkerboard

Pandemic life gave rise to the pervasive and playful check pattern trend, which is still going strong even a year after we binge-watched The Queen’s Gambit. It’s the easiest way to add some graphic detail without going overboard.

Go Bold

This trend pays homage to the maximalist aesthetic that has been on the rise for the past few years. “A large portion of our clientele want that bold artistic, abstract art piece for their floors, and then will keep the furniture colours more tone-on-tone,” says Pourvakil. Art Deco motifs are also popular in this category, with coveted geometric patterns such as swirls, triangles and chevrons dazzling the eye and adding much needed glam to a room.

Nature Rules

From nature-inspired design elements like earthy tones, patterns and textures to choosing eco-friendly, natural materials like jute, sisal and seagrass, respecting the planet means sustainability is at the forefront of consumer habits. Team minimalist will like the look of a simple sisal as a neutral backdrop. Team daring will layer more expressive rugs on top to switch things up.