Heaven and Hearth

Zoroast The Fireplace Store continues to serve the raging demands in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond

By Silvana Longo

After three decades in the HVAC industry, as well as in hearth, Zoroast’s managing director, Daniel Kimia, reveals that fireplace projects have always been a passion for his company. “After we acquired the large facility in Concord, Ont., we decided it was time to branch out of our mother company, Air Makers — which is the most award-winning HVAC firm in the Greater Toronto Area — and have this branch focus solely on fireplaces, and that’s how Zoroast The Fireplace Store was born. We have designed and built the largest fireplace showroom in the GTA, with many unique fireplace installations on display and we continue to revolve the designs to lead the trend,” says Kimia.

The name behind this passion project pays homage to Zoroastrianism, an ancient Persian religion that may have originated as early as 4,000 years ago in ancient Iran. With the natural element of fire representing everlasting enlightenment, the store’s light burns bright as it is one of the premiere fireplace stores serving the Toronto area. “We have designed and constructed the largest fireplace showroom in all of the GTA, displaying the most fireplaces, and we’ve gathered only the very best of all available brands under one roof,” he adds. The company offers full installation services, as well as expert and specialized repair services. “We always welcome design-build/turnkey fireplace projects for clients who seek the best of the best.” From gas, electric and wood to outdoor fire pits, they carry all the top-notch brands like

Valor, Regency, Urbana and European Home, and keep a high inventory of popular fireplaces in stock to reduce lead time and offer better deals to their clients.

With fall around the corner, it’s the perfect time to in- stall a fireplace or extend the outdoor season with a fire pit. But Kimia warns: The linear outdoor fireplaces and round outdoor fire pits have been the most popular and demand is much higher than supply for outdoor hearth products. The key fireplace trends he reports are about “clean-face” fireplaces, where there are no trims around the glass — especially having the cladding come right up to the edge of the unit. Also on trend are the wide linear fireplaces. “As our TVs get bigger, the fireplace’s width needs to also keep up in order to keep the size ratio.” Scale matters.

Essentially, the trend is all about maximizing the view of the flames. The mesmerizing power of fire is all you really need to elevate and embellish a space.

With an increasing demand for hearth products in cottage country, Kimia affirms that they are now looking into opening a branch up north to
cater to the Muskoka and Collingwood regions. “I’d say the key to our growth and success over the years has been our policy to treat everyone, including our clients, our staff and our suppliers with fairness, even if it does not suit our own immediate interests. And we firmly believe that nothing is more important than maintaining relationships based upon mutual trust and respect.” The kindness business model is truly one that stands the test of time.