Illuminating Designs

These Canadian lighting studios are crafting elegant and sculptural pieces worthy of your finest portrait.

Lightmaker Studio
Husband and wife duo Denise and Michael Murphy have made a big splash in the world of lighting. Located in Toronto’s Distillery district, their studio is home to a passionate practice of craft. Working with a glass studio in Quebec and a metal finisher in Toronto, they have been able to collaborate with interior designers across North America. The Betty, Edie (below) and Sweetie sconces, each have a delightful nostalgia to them. By playing with geometry and balance, the works are pleasing to the eye even when not lit. Options of opaque glass, clear, smoked grey, and semi-transparent colour give them a versatility and an endearing timelessness.

custom recessed lights

Longevity and quality are top of mind for Toronto studio Anony. Their work exemplifies this ethos in exquisitely beautiful forms. Reminiscent of a Calder mobile, the multi-tiered Phase light adds movement and life to any space. The circular forms (discs, spheres and melted
semi-circles) are optimally placed on each level for both light and aesthetics. All wires are hidden within the piece, letting its delightful form truly shine. Each hand-finished component is precisely weighted before being attached to the arm. The result is both a mesmerizing hanging sculpture and a glowing light source.

modern recessed lights
(Photo by Raffi Tutundjian)

Hollis + Morris
While many studios play with material and form, Hollis + Morris embodies these elements in each elegant piece. Their designs favour simple lines and a purity in execution that makes them so tactile and beautiful. Founder Mischa Couvrette’s focus on materials comes through, creating pieces that stand the test of time. The leggy Junction floor light above (also available as a table lamp) was named after the studio’s west-end locale and was inspired by the crossing of railway lines. The versatile Catkin table light would sit sweetly on almost any surface. It melds brass, copper or stainless steel with a variety of wood finishes. Handmade in North America.