In Style

There’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to decor these days. Here’s what the sisters behind Toronto’s Unique Art & Deco are seeing in terms of what’s hot and on trend

By Stacy Lee Kong

This is the year to think pink, says Maryam Yousefi of Unique Art & Deco. She and her sister, Yasaman, who
run the midtown Toronto decor boutique together, see 2021 as a year of “colour pops and pattern for furniture and accessories,” Yousefi says, and rosy hues are particularly popular among the sisters’ clientele. She’s also seeing a return to glamour when it comes to lighting. Think impressive chandeliers, geometric light fixtures and a luxurious mix of materials, including gold, brass and blackened metals. Pendant lights featuring crystal and glass accents, which add sparkle and draw the eye up, are also making a comeback.

That doesn’t mean homeowners have stopped thinking about safety and comfort. During the pandemic, many customers’ top priority has been creating cozy spaces that feel warm and welcoming, and that design direction will continue to influence furniture trends for a while yet. “Curved and gently rounded designs have been trending, as they soften the overall look of a room,” Yousefi says. And curvaceous silhouettes, combined with lounge-worthy upholstery and padding, don’t just look welcoming — they’re also super comfortable, which is an important quality in a time when each piece of furniture needs to pull double or even triple duty.

There’s also an increased focus on eco-friendly and sustainable designs in both accessories and furniture. Yousefi is seeing more accessories made from natural materials, including wood, stone and glass.

Meanwhile, for upholstered pieces, like sofas and armchairs, naturally and ethically sourced fabrics play a major role; established favourites including seagrass and linen are joined by innovative new options, such as banana fibre, which can replicate the look and feel of silk.

But, perhaps, the most exciting news on the furniture front is that Unique Art & Deco is launching its own furniture line this year. Landing in the store this fall, the collect- ing will mimic the shop’s trademark modern and contemporary style.