Inside Fall Winter 2021 Fashion Trends

Style Expert Anna Lolomari Shares The Top Trends For Fall-Winter 2021

The fall-winter fashion season is in full swing with runways around the world featuring the latest collections of the most influential designers. 

This season has seen a return to many iconic retro styles from 90s styles including sweater vests and oversized knits. Muted pastels have also taken centre stage with the muted tones appearing in many top collections. This has been met with a hard juxtaposition as many designers have revived the classic animal print that was so popular in the mid 70s and 80s. 

Toronto personal stylist Anna Lolomari is excited to see designers making bold statements this year, while also including many classic pieces in their collections creating looks that are both fashionable and accessible. 


“I think everyone is looking for that relaxed layering style yet comfy and chic look this year,” says Lolomari. She points to many classic looks that signal a focus on effortless style like high waisted denim pants and oversized knit dresses. 

Coat by Mackage

As the temperature gets colder, Lolomari is excited to see a new take on the puffer jacket as designers move away from deep colours and embrace neutrals. For a more sophisticated look she recommends a forever-chic wool coat. 

“These looks are very versatile and transitional,” she says. “You can layer it and dress it up or down from casual on the go to formal work lifestyle styling.”


Layering is a huge focus with accessories this year, as a way of adding a pop of colour or dimension to neutral basics. 

“Accessories always complete an outfit,” she says adding accessories are the perfect way to elevate a look no matter what your lifestyle goals. She notes chunky gold jewelry is a “fab fall accessory” when paired with neutrals or fashion basics. 


Fashion loungewear has had its moment as work from home and self care became a priority for the fashion and self-conscious. Lolomari is excited to see people head back to work with a renewed sense of style and purpose. 

“It’s just not a motivating and uplighting style look in every form especially now with transitioning back to work life and social lifestyle,” she says. 

Jumpsuit, shawl and accessories by Melanie Lyne

As people update their wardrobes for travel and meetings in person once again, she says fashion has taken on a new role in the workplace and people need to say goodbye to lounge wear as a work staple. 


As we emerge from a time of reflection and closet purging, Lolomari says it’s now the time to explore our personal style and put our true selves on display for the world to see. 

“Personal style is a style that is unique to your lifestyle and reflects your taste and what you love,” she says.

She feels it is important to let your clothes reflect who you are as an individual and not to be afraid to explore new looks and take risks. 

“Your outfit is a self expression of you and so it’s very important to wear what makes you feel your best version to be confident,” she says. 

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Photos courtesy of @zestylifestyles and Preston Farrell