Jeanne Beker goes on the trend watch

If you can't be on time, at least be on style.

“It’s really clear that the most precious resource we have is time.”  
— Steve Jobs

Time: It’s the most valuable commodity we have. Our latest luxury. That fleeting phenomenon that has the power to heal, change perceptions, help things grow and sometimes crumble.  As much as it often pains us to be reminded of the seconds, minutes and hours flying by, there’s no question that we all need to be regularly and reliably informed of the time.

The Statement Watch

However, with so many of us married to our smartphones, forever being reminded of the hours and minutes on those ubiquitous mini-screens, some may question the necessity of actually wearing a watch in this modern age. Still, many others remain watch-obsessed, and constantly crave wrapping a statement-making, quality timepiece around ones wrist—especially from those well-respected brands that stand for precision and ooze style. The revered Rolex has become a bona fide status symbol.

Watches with Drama

Now, how about one with ten, round, brilliant diamonds and a mint green face? Or what about a sporty chic Chopard on an electric blue alligator strap, complete with diamonds that float? Then there’s the magic of strapping the cosmos onto your wrist with what could be the ultimate romantic watch statement: A dramatic Frederique Constant timepiece that pays homage to the stars, enhanced by 68 round brilliant diamonds and a black alligator band. Philip Stein keeps you in sync in two different time zones with an elegant oval dual-faced watch, and then there are those irresistible sporty statements from brands like Tudor and Breitling that simply scream sporty-chic and are boldly emblematic of a fashionably fabulous time for all. Perhaps the main question is, is there time for all?

Photography by Tyler Boweditch and Jewellery by Knar Jewellery

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