Luxe to you: Evanka Osmak

The Sportsnet anchor anchor shares her definition of what living luxuriously means.

What does living luxuriously mean to you?

To be honest, this feels a little awkward to answer because I’m not one to indulge extravagantly. I don’t drink high-end Champagne, stay at over-the-top hotels or drive exotic sports cars. I used to be the type of shopper who would buy whatever was in season, and I’d spend money on cheap items only to find they would fall apart in months or I’d grow disinterested even quicker. I’ve realized I’d rather have great quality items that I value and will enjoy for years to come. Good quality never goes out of style. And when it comes to friendship, clothing, food and travel, it’s not quantity, but quality in my life. I think the most important thing for me on this topic is that living luxuriously is more than being able to list off a number of material items. For me it’s more of an overall feeling. This especially applies to my family and friends. Now more than ever, I treasure the spare time I have so much and I want to be surrounded by wonderful humans. Even if that means only a handful instead of a long list of acquaintances.

What components (real or imagined) play a role in allowing you to live your best life?

Rest. I cannot function on little sleep. I feel myself breaking down emotionally and physically if I don’t get a quality night’s rest. If sleep isn’t an option, sometimes it’s enough for me to take a little time-out, even just for a few minutes (but more is always better): I just close my eyes or watch some reality TV.

What does the theme of our issue, “transformation,” mean to you?

My biggest transformation has been becoming a mother. I have grown, matured and learned so much about myself since my son was born two years ago. I’ve learned how to be more patient (which is not easy for me), how to be responsible for another person, how to be dependable and mature. It has also made me aware that I need to take care of myself. If I’m not at my best, I cannot give my best.

What objects do you surround yourself with to inspire/support your everyday growth and why?

My civil engineering ring. It’s a reminder to me that even though I’m not in engineering, it
was about working really hard for something I wanted to achieve and I made it happen. And I am really proud of it, especially when people notice it on the street or on air. It makes me appreciate where I came from and where I have gone because going into broadcasting wasn’t an easy decision. To be honest, my parents weren’t happy about it. They got on board months later. It was foreign territory for all of us, including me, and they were just worried for me. So it was difficult but totally worth it.

What, if anything, would you tell others about living their most luxurious life and/or how to “shift” their expectations as they grow?

My best guidance here is to think about what makes you happy. Consider developing your
own definition of luxury, whether that’s freedom from chores and obligations so you can read a good book, or an extravagant dinner with wine and dessert. Once you’ve thought through how you want to treat yourself from time to time, go make it happen! And remember, luxury might be closer within reach than you think.