Luxe to You: Steven Sabados

Interior designer and artist Steven Sabados shares his definition of what living luxuriously means.

What does living luxuriously mean to you?

Luxurious living for me is not about money or status, although those things are nice to have, for me it’s a state of mind. I think the ultimate sense of luxury is freedom to express yourself and be who you truly are or want to be. I feel the best way to live your life is to share your life. A luxurious life is one surrounded by laughter, good music and a cocktail, of course. After all, having a beautiful home is only enjoyable when it’s shared with friends, family and loved ones.

What components (real or imagined) play a role in allowing you to live your best life?

Surrounding myself with new experiences really allows me to live my best life. Travel plays a huge role and having the luxury and opportunity to travel with friends and share experiences is really living life to its fullest. It not only enriches my personal experiences but travel also inspires me to create unique collections for my product line. I also host gatherings in my loft for groups of friends to experience new things, whether it be intense yin yoga classes or spiritual sound healing sessions with Darren Austin Hall. I feel these moments bring us closer together and assist us to live a better life.

What does the theme of our issue, “fresh start,” mean to you?
I think as humans we are always beginning and ending; careers, friends, relationships, just as a snake sheds its skin several times in its life, we are always on a journey of new beginnings. I have had the opportunity to start a new beginning in launching another avenue of my product line, entitled Steven Sabados Studio. The return to my studio and my art was an opportunity for me to focus on finding my creative voice once again. This has allowed me to grow into someone new and share my personal artwork with everyone. This is both cathartic and terrifying for me because I’ve never shared my personal artwork with the general public.

What objects do you surround yourself with to inspire your everyday growth and why?

In my home, I like to be surrounded by things and objects that make me think, react or make me smile. I am a very visual person, so my home is an odd blend of design and curiosities. I have an extensive collection of mixed media and semi-precious stone skulls collected from my world travels which spiritually ground me. It’s interesting to see how different cultures use the skull icon as an art form, and I love to display them together showcasing their differences. In the same breath, I have several unique pieces and art that makes me smile. For instance, I have a life-sized Great Dane floor lamp aptly entitled “Good Boy” by UK artist Whatshisname. Also, because my studio is part of my loft, I am surrounded by tons of art—some works completed and some in process. It’s nice to be
living with my art, and any given moment I can pop into the studio to create something new or just reflect.

What, if anything, would you tell others about living their most luxurious life and/or how to
continue to strive to be their personal best?

I feel that as time goes on, we consume ourselves with unnecessary tasks. We all forget how to live in the present. One of the most luxurious things is the luxury of time. You cannot hold time, consume it or buy it, however much we try to. Living and “being” in the present allows us to focus on the things that matter most and change what is not working. I think we would all agree that one of the biggest luxuries is free time—time to do whatever we like without consequence or regret. This is time you can just “be”…and it’s free.

Photography by KC Armstrong

luxury family room with amazing art dog shape light lamp