Meet Mr. and Mrs. Condoville

Behind Instagram’s tiny squares, this dynamic duo is the real deal, both in life and in business.

By Adriana Ermter
Photography By George Pimentel
Location: Hotel X Toronto
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Shaminder and Jasneet Gogna, affectionately known as @mr_and_mrs_ condoville, may be new to Instagram, but with photo captions such as, “Th e first time I set my eyes on you, something told me that my life would never be the same,” and “Jas and I feel that we are very lucky . We’re lucky to have found great people who believed in our vision. We’re lucky the timing in life was right. Most importantly, in the context of @condoville, we’re lucky that we get to work with people we consider family,” it’s hard not to swoon a little over their Instagram feed. Th e business and life-partner’s world, as captured in a handful of teeny-tiny squares, has a dreamy, this-is-the-life ease to it. But with just one caveat: They’ve worked hard to get to where they are.

“Our company, Condoville, had humble beginnings,” affirms Shaminder Gogna, the CEO of Condoville, which he, along with his wife, Jasneet, are co-founders. Th e couple launched their now full-service Toronto-based brokerage that specializes in providing real estate opportunities across Ontario in 2017. “We started out in a 10 foot by 10-foot shared office with our first two associates,” adds Shaminder. “Th ere were a lot of spiders and at night, bats would flap down from the ceiling. Once, we walked out and there were three live bats flapping toward us! Our first child, our son, Kian, was only four weeks old then. We were trying our best to do it all…and we did, and when we look back now, we laugh.”

The speedy and successful evolution of their company — and family, as the couple has since been blessed with a daughter, Selena — is certainly something worth smiling for, even laughing about. With a full-time staff of 10 and an additional eight in sales, their headquarters at 1901-5000 Yonge Street in Toronto and their Condoville North location at 201-4550 Highway 7 in Vaughan bustle with energy. Th e busy team juggles everything from working with developers and builders, marketing and selling condominiums for landowners, assisting homeowners with financing and more. As for the couple, Shaminder focuses on growth and assisting landowners through the complex navigation of real estate development. Th e mentor to Condoville’s executive team, he also oversees the company’s annual marketing and sales strategies ensuring their efficiency and
effectiveness, making updates as needed. Jasneet, on the other hand, markets and sells real estate for high- net-worth clients, while planning, leading, organizing and controlling both offices’ day-to-day operations. Being hands-on for their team and their clients is a crucial element to the success and longevity of their brand.

“It’s important to us to be present. To address the issues happening in the market like, helping Gen Z’s, who want to get into the market but don’t think they can afford to own their own home,” says Shaminder. “It’s scary when you’re putt ing a lot of money down, so we provide access to the market and to high-density living (condos) by finding the opportunities in and outside of the Greater Toronto Area, while educating and showing people how to invest in real estate. We don’t want real estate to become like art and only for the elite.”

Th is personal approach and presence in real life and on Instagram as Mr. & Mrs. Condoville, along with their business-oriented handle @condoville, is how the duo connect with their clients and tap into new opportunities. By sharing industry insight, alongside inspirational quotes, real estate guidance, information about upcoming sales events, new listings and changes in the market, they’re providing a sneak peek inside their life. Parlaying it into their social media platforms, they highlight content about their journey as business owners, complete with stories of failure and success, as well as showcase what it takes for a young couple with a young family to find their way in the world.

“We want people to feel like they are on the rollercoaster with us,” says Shaminder. “We want to share our story and show people who we are. Condoville is our baby. We’ve built it from scratch, and we want to create transparency and pride about the process. Our industry is all about trust, so the experience with our brand will always be personal and personable.”