Natasha Koifman gets real about luxury, life and love

The PR goddess behind NKPR shares her authentic style with us.

What does living luxuriously mean to you?

It’s living in a space that is in line with my values and that makes feel at peace. It is also surrounding myself with people and things I love. For me, life has become about simplicity and creating efficiencies—big and small. One thing I did recently is turn a bedroom into a closet, which has made it much easier to find things and get ready for the office every day. The same idea goes for fashion: I keep seven pairs of the same black jeans that I pair with different tops to create new simple #NKAllBlackEverything looks. I’ve incorporated this idea into all aspects of my life. Just recently, I worked with the creative director of Line Knitwear, John Muscat, to design a capsule collection for my newly launched e-commerce platform, ShopNK. I wanted to be able to curate and create items that I would use and wear every day—this capsule collection is full of luxurious knitwear you can pair with everything. I think we are all busier than we have ever been—between creating a space that allows you to dream, think and feel empowered, it’s about simplifying and decluttering our lives to make room and time for the meaningful things.

What components (real or imagined) play a role in allowing you to live your best life?

Comfort and a clean, streamlined space play a big role—you would think that the two are mutually exclusive but they aren’t. For example, I have an obsession with flex-form sofas—they are so cozy but have clean lines that really elevate a space. Art plays a big part in my world; I tend to buy a lot of photography and word art. I have several Peter Tunney pieces with messages like believe, gratitude and love that add meaning to each room they are in.

The theme of this issue is “The Art of Living.” What does art mean to you?

Art, for me, is connecting with something that has meaning in my world. With respect to fashion, I keep every meaningful piece that I have bought for occasions that matter. I have gowns and dresses from the last 10 years of Artist for Peace and Justice Galas and TIFF events because they bring me back to a special time and moments I cherish. I feel the same way about art. I remember when I first saw Robert Dutesco’s work from Sable Island, where he photographed the wild horses. I connected immediately with his photography and got shivers. That was one of the first big pieces of art I bought and to this day it hangs in my bedroom in Toronto. ”

What objects do you surround yourself with to inspire/support your everyday goals and why?

This is one of the reasons I love text art—it acts as daily affirmations and reminders. Design is important to me, too, and something I am passionate about: From fashion to furnishings, I try to create my space with intention and surround myself with pieces that make me feel comfortable, confident and inspired every day. I’m obsessed with Matthew McCormick lighting, I discovered him at South Hill Home, one of my favourite neighbourhood luxury furnishing spots. They have incredible pieces and designers curated from around the world—pieces you won’t find anywhere else in Toronto. I’ve also become obsessed with glassware and South Hill carries stunning pieces by Arcade Murano.

What, if anything, would you tell others about living their most luxurious life?

Living a luxurious life is different for everyone, be authentic to who you are and always come back to the core values that drive you. Surround yourself with the people, things and experiences that make you happy and feeling like your best self.  

Natasha Koifman