New Concept: Luxury Property Management Service

Next-level property management service Posh-Haus redefines the meaning of opulence and offers the ultimate luxury.

There really isn’t anything better than that unforgettable move-in feeling: Entry access freshly thumb-imprinted, custom European cooktop installed and pristine, dreamy decor impeccable and unruffled, climate and light perfectly in tune with smartphone taps. It’s the fairy-tale ending to a long build. Your new home is the lap of luxury—but only as long as every detail stays perfect. Enter the team at Posh-Haus Property Management, the next-level new venture from Rose Barroso of Barroso Homes.

Higher functionality brings with it fresh needs to troubleshoot, upgrade and upkeep, and in this modern era, time is the ultimate luxury. That’s what Posh-Haus delivers. “These are busy executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and overseas investors,” says Barroso. “They know they have warranties. What they don’t have is time, trades they can trust and the headspace to think through and manage everything involved. They work at a high level and expect the same of the world around them.” The spring melt? Posh-Haus has cleaned the eaves. Seasonal decorations need to be removed? Posh-Haus has already put them in storage. Pool opening? Booked and ready for laps. “We do the thinking to give our clients more space for what’s important in their world,” she says. Posh-Haus has even developed innovative management packages that anticipate needs and maintenance but offer flexibility to fit an individual client’s needs.

On top of regular upkeep, unexpected challenges pop up all too frequently: Perhaps a window broke, but the plane to the Bahamas is leaving in three hours. “While your executive assistant may be an administrative whiz and the concierge can score court-side seats, it’s not the same as knowing the trades and process,” explains Barroso. “Access codes need to be transferred, trades and cleaning booked. The details are quite complex.”

In fact, that was how the idea of Posh-Haus Property Management was born—Barroso Homes clients immediately thought to call Barroso when a house emergency arose. She always knew what to do, no matter how unusual the situation. “I would get it all,” she laughs, adding she was always happy to field these requests. “I’m not going to say no because that’s not what I’ve created,” she explains, her philosophy was and is service first.

As requests outside her scope grew, she realized there was a genuine need. It only made sense to formalize the service and extend from build to living process—and then eventual sales process needs, with renos, decluttering, staging, moving, etc.—all smoothly in sync without dropping a beat. Also, Barroso wanted to start extending the service to homeowners outside of Barroso Homes—really, anyone wishing to experience the peace of mind that comes from a property well cared for and managed.

Now, with Posh-Haus in place, when the sports figure and his girlfriend ask Barroso to weigh in on and pick up their new dining room chairs, or the executive has a pre-vacation home mishap, someone from the Posh-Haus team will say, of course, and be right over. It really is the ultimate luxury.

Rose Barroso

Portrait photography by Larry Arnal