New Materials

When it comes to the composite industry, NewTechWood Canada and its incredibly innovative product line is truly a game-changer.

Kosta Karolidis, the manager of NewTechWood Ontario, entered the composite industry pre-COVID-19. He graduated from McMaster University with a science degree and began working for the RGC Group and the Rinomato family, who owns NewTechWood Ontario. They also own other businesses including Torino Drywall and Country Homes and have been in the construction industry for more than 0 years. During his tenure, the family had acquired NewTechWood Ontario and he moved over to the new company to help it grow. “I quickly fell in love with the company,” he says.

NewTechWood started 11 years ago in the United States when a Texas-based family who have been in the recycling business since the 1980s entered the composite manufacturing business. The Canadian arm of the company was launched in Montreal and has grown in Ontario and the rest of Canada. “We’ve been expanding rapidly, and business has flourished. Our products are made of recycled wood fibres and plastics, and they are 95 percent recycled material. Water bottles that would end up in the ocean are recycled, then used in NewTechWood products,” Karolidis explains. “What’s interesting about us and differentiates NewTechWood from competitors is that we have a full line of innovative composite product. We have wall siding, decking, privacy beams, quick deck tiles and fencing. Most composite companies focus on decking and do not offer wall cladding or privacy beams for gazebos and fine detailing. Ontario, one of the strongest markets in Canada, continues to be a leading force in innovation in technology. NewTechWood products install quickly using our proprietary clip system, giving the product a natural finish.”

Karolidis says there are three main types of products when it comes to decking: natural wood, PVC or composite wood. “Our composite products come with a full 25-year guarantee using our Ultrashield technology, which holds colour and prevents warping and mould growth protected from the elements and wear and tear,” he says. “Because of this, water is unable to get through. We provide a 25-year warranty because our products are so well-protected.”

The maintenance-free composite is currently sold in 55 countries and there are 24 colours in the product line. “Clients want to match their deck to their wall cladding and it gives them peace of mind knowing that the products will match seamlessly,” says Karolidis. Some people want a wood look and opt for teak- or Ipe-coloured composite. Others select colours that go with their home, style or personality. “People base their decisions on preferences and needs. We assist them in choosing the best look and fit for their life- style.” He recommends pairing it with stucco or stonework for those who want a more modern look.

Karolidis states there is nothing else on the market like NewTechWood Canada’s European wall siding for exteriors. “Our profiles are unique and do not look like regular cladding. The Belgian variety is thicker, and perfect for clients who prefer larger vertical siding.” The company’s composite wall cladding and decks are attracting attention with architects and designers. When it comes to new products, Karolidis says he’s excited about the recent launch of the fencing line. Maintenance-free and a 25-year warranty eliminates the need for restraining and the use of harmful chemicals and fence replacement. You can reach Kosta at kosta@ or visit for a full line of products and design ideas.