No More Counting Sheep

Trio's search for ultimate slumber leads to new career venture

It can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. This became the catalyst for the creation of Flax Home, when co-founder Anna Heyd tried to find a comfortable bedding set after purchasing a new bed. 

After spending hours combing online bedding stores and traditional bricks and mortar shops she quickly found there weren’t many options for someone who took sleeping well seriously. 

“It was 2017 and I had just purchased a new mattress and bed frame. I also wanted to splurge on new bedding,” she says recalling the initial creation of Flax Home. She says there were few stores who offered finely crafted linen bedding, with most offering blends that did not provide the comfort and relaxing sleep she was seeking.  

At the time Heyd was working in a cafe and pitched the idea to two women, Oana Papuc and Vivian McCormick, who would become her co-founders. The idea was an online bedding store that sold elegant, yet simple linen bedding sets.

The trio began sourcing exceptional linens from around the world in colours that reflected the calm and serenity that people sought while asleep, paired with on-trend designs and colours to add a pop of colour and definition to any bedroom.

More recently they have expanded their linen offerings to fine material made in Lithuania and Portugal. 

Heyd says it is important for her team to have a collaborative relationship with their manufacturers and they have travelled the globe to experience the look and feel of all their linens in person before adding them to their collection. 

“We put together a combination of what customers asked for and what we’ve been drawn to,” says Heyd. “This has evolved into us creating our own colours based on what’s happening in the design world.”

She says Flax Home focuses on using materials that are environmentally sustainable and breathable. She adds she also strives to create pieces that can easily be taken on the road when travelling so you never have to leave the luxurious feeling of linen behind. She adds linen also offers the benefit of staying whiter longer. 

As time went on, the team of Flax Home quickly found there was a demand for more than just bedding. This demand quickly evolved into linens for the whole home and exciting partnerships that have helped make Flax Home a household name. Last year Flax Home created a curated collection with Beaucoup Bakery founder and travel writer Jackie Kai Ellis drawing inspiration from the Parisian table and lifestyle. 

The collection plays on the bold and bright colours associated with the Parisian lifestyle such as midnight green and rose with stone. From market bags to table settings, the collection allows amateur chefs to create the french kitchen experience from market to table. 

“We have put together a collection of neutrals with pops of colour that can build on top of each other,” she says. 

They have also expanded their home offerings to include linens for the bath with luxurious towels and robes designed to give wearers a true in-home spa experience. 

This fall Flax Home will open their highly anticipated showroom in Vancouver. The space will allow buyers a more tactile experience allowing them to feel the soft linens and explore the multitude of colourful options in person. 

Until then, sound sleep seekers can check out their website at