A leader in floor coverings with a long track record, Hessam Ghazanfari from Markville Carpet & Flooring reveals his simple adage for continued success.
By Silvana Longo

It is widely known that there are a lot of building and renovating projects going on in the Greater Toronto Area. As a result, there is a multitude of showrooms in the home category to choose from. As a homeowner, or an investor with additional properties, how do you make the task of choosing the best products and high-quality service less daunting? When it comes to floor coverings, it is best to walk on solid ground by choosing an established, tried-and-true business that has serviced the GTA’s flooring needs for more than 40 years.

We spoke with Hessam Ghazanfari from Markville Carpet & Flooring to discover what his winning formula is for a long and successful business. From high-quality broadloom and hard-surface product offerings every homeowner should know about to the exceptional customer service difference the company is known for, here’s what he told us.

Luxury vinyl plank

It is both waterproof and scratch-resistant and touted as the all-purpose flooring; luxury vinyl plank flooring is a great choice, especially if you have kids, pets or both. Warm and comfortable underfoot, it can also replicate the look of wood or stone. “The main reason luxury vinyl plank is so popular is because of how durable and suitable it is for everyday life,” says Ghazanfari. “It can be used anywhere — in a bedroom, main floor, basement or even in a bathroom or kitchen.” Ghazanfari cautions though that not all luxury vinyl plank products are alike. The all-important “wear layer” and how the product is built make all the difference. “The top finish layer is the most important part, as it can range anywhere from 6 ml to 30 ml — we recommend that our customers select one with at least 12 ml, and up to 30 ml.” He advises that anything less than 12 ml will not last beyond five years, whereas a thicker wear layer will last up to 20 years.

Engineered hardwood Engineered

hardwood has all but replaced solid hardwood, thanks to its endless options as far as colours, sizes, shapes and textures. The fact that it will not swell or warp over time is an attractive feature for buyers, and a few select brands, such as Floorte hardwood, are even waterproof. “Floorte hardwood has the same core structure as luxury vinyl plank flooring; the top finish has a thin veneer layer of hardwood that goes on top of the stone composite core, which provides the water-resistant feature,” says Ghazanfari.

Wall-to-wall broadloom

As interiors warm up and move away from a cool aesthetic, carpets, and in particular wall-to-wall broadloom, have made a major comeback. Once upon a time, broadloom got a bad rap because of the low-quality carpets builders once installed in new homes. “Now, nearly all carpets are made in the U.S. or Canada, with very high standards, a huge selection of styles and colours from soft Berbers to thick, plush cut piles in many unique patterns. They don’t have any volatile organic compounds,” says Ghazanfari. In fact, installing carpet is a great way to filter the air in your home, as particles that get trapped in the carpet are easily eliminated with regular vacuuming. For added care and longevity, he recommends a professional carpet cleaning service annually. Broadloom is a great choice for all areas of the house.

Customer service

A first-time visit to our state-of-the-art showroom will consist of meeting with a knowledgeable sales team who will listen to your needs and make appropriate product suggestions. Samples are then offered to clients as a temporary measure so they can live with the product for a week and decide whether it works in their space. “If a customer wishes to move forward with the product, the same person who you consulted with at the store will do the home visit to go over colours, style and pricing, as well as take measurements,” says Ghazanfari. The entire process from order to installation takes between two to six weeks, thanks to the showroom’s healthy inventory of popular products on-site.


For every product, Markville Carpet has several installation crews specializing in the installation for each type of floor covering. Ghazanfari says every installation is a little different, so it’s important to ensure the right team is sent out to the client’s home to make sure things go well. Upon installation, there is a follow-up to ensure satisfaction of product and installation.

“We like to think we have five-star customer service, and we believe that we are only as good as our last performance,” he says. The customer-comes-first approach is a Markville mantra — all measures are taken to ensure customer satisfaction with product and installation, as well as upholding the long-time warranties on their products. “After 42 years in business, we continue to serve one customer at a time ensuring we give great service and stand behind our products. We plan to be here for the next 42 years and beyond,” assures Ghazanfari.