With a shine of excellence and a style and vibe that’s uniquely her own, the incomparable Lori Morris presents this spectacular abode — true splendour by the sea. This is the inimitable House of Lori Morris Design.
By Lisa van de Geyn
Photography by Brandon Barré

Master artist and iconic interior designer Lori Morris is the undisputable definition of effervescence. She has this flawless sparkle, an unmatched vivacity . It’s one of the first things you notice about her when you meet, and it’s a brilliant quality that just shines through in the couture work she does for her lively fi rm, Lori Morris Design, which she has cultivated into one of the most coveted design houses. She specializes in glamour and grandeur, and her work is utterly dazzling. A true artist who infuses her expertise and experience into clients’ homes, Morris creates spaces worthy of praise that anyone would long to live in, no matter their style, genre or colour preferences.

Her untamed imagination, “no rules” policy and matchless design wisdom reign supreme when in the presence of her bold, sexy, sophisticated style.

This spectacular home in Boca Raton, Florida, is a first-class case in point, and it’s what Morris refers to as old-world extravagance with a new rocker beat — a style she truly excels in. “In this particular place, because we are in this tropical setting where you have the ocean breezes and the beautiful sunsets and the sunrises, to add that colour palette into the home, it brings a dancing party of sunshine and playfulness together with pure elegance and an exciting rocker beat that LMD is known for,” Morris says vivaciously.

Morris is more than a master of the interior. The pool in the family’s backyard is proof that her work is nothing short of a tour de force. With stunning Spanish-style authentic architecture and breathtaking views of the ocean with palms swaying, and pretty hibiscus delicately growing, the true centrepiece of the yard is the pool, which was created as an entertainment spot but enhanced in a way that only Morris could conceive. “Instead of just having a gorgeous pool, which it already was, surrounded by beautiful handpainted pink-and-white Wedgwood planters, a hand-carved fountain and stunning furniture, I decided that the best way to really give it that sparkle and that LMD sex appeal was to create an incredible mosaic hibiscus right in the middle of the pool,” she says. “It just elevates the design with its sparkle and ethereal beauty.” The colour palette is sublime and so full of whimsy. Florida is the perfect location for bringing the inside out and the outside in. “With it being so tropical here and having the beautiful pastel colours of all the florals with lush stunning green palm trees, the foliage and all the grass, and then of course the sunsets that go from pinks to blues to greens to intense blue skies, I’ve just thrown it all together into a floral kaleidoscope in the pool and it sings.”

Inside, Morris’s “Sexy French” style shines and exudes a certain effortless aura that feels electrifying yet comfortable. Her untamed imagination, “no rules” policy and matchless design wisdom reign supreme when in the presence of her bold, sexy, sophisticated style. The plush heaven that is the butterfly-inspired bedroom has beautiful, sexy French blush pink wallpaper with Champagne explosions of floral abstract design. She included a plush blush velvet headboard with hand-painted florals to look like colourful Wedgwood. Rich furs, opulent velvets and lush textures are thrown together on the bed with the Lori Morris French pink feathered lamp. It’s always such an interesting palette party of textures, patterns and colours when working with Morris.

The feeling throughout the immaculate 12,500-square-foot estate is mesmerizing and every glorious detail has been personally crafted, designed and curated by Morris. The coffee-and-pastry station in the second-floor hallway was created as a chic destination where guests could enjoy a coffee and croissant during a busy day or before retiring for the evening. “The homeowners are big entertainers and I wanted to honour that. This is a pretty pink blush-coloured background with accented Champagne-gold carvings and the most beautiful one-of-a-kind yellow-and-grey marble that I’ve ever seen that we sourced in Miami. The vintage Lucite-and-brass bar stools with pink leather tops work beautifully,” she says.

The principal suite is filled with Morris’s luxe sensibilities. On one end, she’s cultivated the perfect home office and chose to emphasize the fireplace wall, with back-painted gold glass panels that have been striped with a hand-carved baby-blue strapping that also surrounds the mirror, as well as the custom baby-blue lacquered cabinetry with a full coffee and appliance station. “We’ve made the whole house cohesive in its colour palette of baby blue and soft blush pinks with gold accents,” she says. “There’s also a beautiful sitting area with the cream lacquer desk, so it’s really an in-house office suite that’s enthralled in the decoration around it to make it feel both comforting and functional at the same time.”

On the other end of the expansive principal suite sits a lavish yet relaxing place where the couple can meet before going into their boudoirs. “We did a custom-designed beautiful bench done with a mirrored surround and sumptuous crushed velvet fabric with a stunning medley of fabric including pillows done in fur with lots of textures and patterns. The deco ’40s glass Italian-style cabinets are done in pink and grey glass and we’ve accompanied them with pink and brass lamps with custom-made pink and brass shades.”

The hues, paired with such luscious textures, make this oceanfront property a high-style pastel palace. “You wouldn’t even believe it until you’re there. You could see a sunset and see blues and pinks and creams and it’s mind-blowing — you don’t even think that it’s real, but it is, and it just brings that explosion and colours the place. It’s just one big happy party of a pastel paradise with a shine of excellence,” she says blissfully. “It’s super-exciting because it’s exhilarating — you’re always challenging the boundaries of your comfort zone of design and challenging the boundaries of what you want to do as an original piece of art and create that intense creativity and, at the same time, make it all dance together.”