Precious Moments

Lifestyle editor Jeanne Beker chooses the most artful and iconic pieces of the season.

Unique. Refined. Fabulous. Elegant. Eye-Popping. When choosing those artful pieces that decorate our homes, we tap into our innermost fantasies, selecting imagery that may excite or calm us, but invariably sweep us away. And so it is with jewellery—the pieces we love make up our miniature personal art collections that we curate slowly, and they stay with us for years. These are delectable adornments we continually draw upon to elevate our spirits and accentuate our moods. From the empowering appeal of a brushed-gold cuff or a multi-strand bracelet featuring ruby dragon eyes, to a vintage-inspired sapphire ring, a rose enamel locket encrusted with brilliant diamonds, or a romantic amethyst pendant, our varied assortment of statement jewellery is a salute to the eclectic artist in us all. This artist appreciates great design and quality luxury, and possesses the passion to strut it unapologetically. Whether you choose to drench your wrist with bullet-cut moonstones or wrap a rainbow of gems around it, embrace the statement you want to make. Your finger will sing with a giant blue topaz cabochon or a suit of mystical dragon scales. Or simply rely on the modern appeal of interlocking gold circles hanging proudly from your neck to make a point about relationships and continuity. There’s a beautiful story behind every piece we choose, and a strong statement just waiting to be made.

Photography by Tyler Boweditch. Jewellery by Knar Jewellery.

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