Read My Lips

If you’re looking for a little lift, a small procedure called a Lip Lift can deliver big results.

If you’re looking for a little lift, a small procedure called a Lip Lift can deliver big results. We caught up with Dr. Philip Solomon, MD, FRCSC, Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgeon, at his Facial Plastic Surgery Centre in Toronto, to learn more about what makes this surgery the perfect little pick- me-up. Get ready to pucker up.

Living Luxe: Why would a patient consider Lip Lift surgery? Who is a good candidate?
Dr. Philip Solomon: Lip Lift surgery is mostly sought out by women, however, we do have men come to us for this surgery as well. Younger patients often seek out Lip Lifts to increase the volume in the upper red lip, to increase dental show or to reduce the distance between the base of the nose to the upper red lip. Patients with a thin upper lip may benefit from the combination of a Modified Upper Lip Lift instead of, or in combination with, lip filler. This approach gives a natural enhancement whereas relying on lip filler alone can distort the lip, causing it to hang further over the teeth and appear “duck like.”

Older patients, and when I say older, I mean 40 and up, want to look more youthful. In fact, for patients in their 50s to 70s, the Lip Lift can be a very important procedure to consider as the lip elongates with time. Reducing the distance from the base of the nose to the upper red lip creates a more youthful appearance.

LL: How does the procedure work? How is it performed?
Dr. Philip Solomon: At Solomon Facial Plastic, we offer a few options for Lip Lift surgery. The most common and advanced technique is the Modified Upper Lip Lift, which accesses the deeper plane, providing a more natural and longer-lasting result. An incision is made along the base of the nostrils and extends to the furthest point on either side of the nostrils. This allows for the scarring to be minimal and well hidden.

The Vermillion Lip Lift is less common and is better suited for older patients. This lift addresses the lateral part of the lip, whereas the Modified Upper Lip Lift addresses the central lip. I hesitate to do this surgery on younger patients as it can leave a slight scar.

LL: Are Lip Lifts generally performed with other facial surgical procedures?
Dr. Philip Solomon: Lip Lifts are commonly performed as a stand- alone procedure or in combination with Facelift surgery and Rhinoplasty. Patients often like to address multiple areas of concern with one recovery period, so they don’t have to take more time away from work.

LL: What can patients expect the results to look like?
Dr. Philip Solomon: The results are very natural. It’s just enough of a change to make the patient feel refreshed without changing his or her overall look. It’s an enhancement and it does just that — it enhances the patient’s overall appearance.

LL: What is the recovery time?
Dr. Philip Solomon: The majority of swelling settles in one to two weeks. Normal mobility of the lip takes weeks to months.

LL: When can patients kiss again?
Dr. Philip Solomon: It depends on the intensity. I would say a peck on the lips is fine at any time. For more active kissing, I would give it three to four weeks before giving your lips a good workout.

LL: Is there anything else you want potential patients to know about Lip Lifts?
Dr. Philip Solomon: Our patients are very happy overall with the out- come of their Lip Lifts. There are some patients who may want to add dermal filler to further augment their results, while others have chosen this surgery in place of ongoing filler treatments. Whether one chooses lip filler or Lip Lift surgery, augmenting the lips tends to be a feel-good procedure.