Rest Easy

Fact: One-third of our lives is spent sleeping. We asked an industry expert how to make your bedroom the most luxurious sanctuary with these gorgeous trends.

Updating your linens can give your bedroom a whole new look. David Saini and Carla Virgona of David’s Fine Linens, one of Toronto’s largest bedding retailers, spoke with Living Luxe about new trends, perennial favourites and what to look for when shopping for bedding.

Make a Splash

Do you live for lime green? Crave the richness of ruby red? Go for it. Bold colours are back, and can be found in abstract florals, graphic zigzags or solid accent pieces. If you’re still not ready to make a big statement, look for a neutral duvet with a pop of colour in the trim, ribbons or embroidery. Or simply add a colourful accent pillow or throw blanket to a
neutral-hued palette.

Keep it Natural

The most luxurious bedding is made from natural fabrics like cotton, silk, cashmere and bamboo. For Saini, the ultimate luxury is bedding made of Micromodal®, an ultra high-end product made of European beechwood. Saini warns it’s a fallacy that thread count is the biggest indicator of a quality product. “You can have cheap sheets with high thread count that feel like sandpaper.” Instead, he recommends that customers focus on the quality of the yarn. A lower-quality yarn will have many loose ends, leading to a rough-feeling sheet. How can you tell? Touch the sheet. If it feels good, it is good.

White on White

It’s classic, it’s clean and it can be modern, traditional or anything in between. It’s no mystery why white is still the most popular choice for bedding. For a designer look, layer
shades of white in different textures—say a cashmere throw over silk sheets. When going
simple, it’s especially important to pay attention to details like embroidery and workmanship. This is where luxury products really shine.

Warm It Up

After years of cool steel grey, warmer shades are enjoying a resurgence. Colours like mocha and greige look great with the gold accessories and natural wood accents that are currently popular in home decor. But don’t fret if you’ve already invested in bedding—you
don’t have to replace everything. A warm terracotta throw looks great tossed over a grey duvet.

Fashionista Finds

Why shouldn’t your bed be as well-dressed as you are? Designers like Roberto Cavalli, Missoni and Fendi create exquisite linens perfect for showing off your good taste. If you love Missoni’s zigzag or Roberto Cavalli’s jungle print but find the full set too dramatic, choose one or two pieces and mix in complementary neutrals.

Photography courtesy of David’s Fine Linens