Ruth and David Bell have successfully run Village Paint & Wallpaper for 24 years, and they’re far from slowing down. Here’s what the store is best known for and why building lasting relationships is key to their business.

By: Tara MacIntosh


Known for its community feel, Village Paint & Wallpaper is a boutique destination for paint, wallpaper and window coverings. Located in the heart of Etobicoke, this neighbourhood landmark was opened in 1953 by the Goddard family and was purchased in 1999 by the current owners, Ruth and David Bell. “Village Paint & Wallpaper is not a typical paint and window-coverings store. Our customers feel at home — we know them by name, we know their family and we’ve had generations of families shop here. It’s truly a small-town experience in a big city,” Ruth says with pride. The staff’s extensive product knowledge is the differentiating factor when shopping for home decor. Each client receives personalized attention from the moment they walk through the doors. The Bells and their team get to intimately know their clients’ project details and their vision, allowing a smooth experience to selecting the perfect paint colour, wallpaper design or window covering that’s sure to enhance their home. Village Paint & Wallpaper works exclusively with Benjamin Moore Paints and Hunter Douglas window treatments, so there’s an array of luxurious options available.




Ruth and David are both active in the business, with Ruth focused on design and colour consultations. David takes a more active role in the Hunter Douglas window-coverings and drapery side of the company. “Our business volume is equal between paint and window coverings. We also offer custom area rugs and some finishing touches to help complete the look,” says Ruth. “In a consultation appointment, I’ll ask many questions to ensure the client gets the product that is right for their home style, size and lifestyle. Paint and window coverings are more permanent parts of your decor, so getting it right is imperative. I ensure our clients are confident in their choices.”


Building long-lasting relationships is super important to the Bells. Coming from sales backgrounds, they understand the value of a strong customer bond and the importance of deep product knowledge. As a family business, they love what they do and look forward to each step of a project, from conception to completion. “Every day is different, every project is different, but our passion is always the same. We love what we do and look forward to helping our clients create joy in their homes,” Ruth explains.


Of equal importance to the Village Paint & Wallpaper team is keeping up with the trends. Ruth says customers are currently favouring lighter hues with warmer neutrals and shades of white. The warmer colours complement open-concept homes and allow homeowners to make a splash with statement walls and colourful furnishings, pillows and accessories. “The flow of a home is so important. We consider that when selecting colours and wallpaper design,” says Ruth. “Light, off-white and warmer tones pair well with natural light and have increased in popularity over the last couple of years.”


The couple’s meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of their products are unmistakable, and the Bell’s genuine pride in helping their clients turn a house into a home is truly one of a kind. There’s no denying they’ll continue to make a mark with homeowners, designers and other clients for years to come.