Take a look inside designer Chloé Rogers’ debut collection of highly glamorous, intricately designed, luxury lingerie and corsetry.
Photography by RUTH ROSE


Back in February, during London Fashion Week, an enchanting evening was held feting the debut of a sophisticated new designer’s first collection — a sexy, polished and playfully sumptuous line of stylish, vintage- inspired lingerie. Among the veritable who’s who of models, musicians, influencers, famous photographers (including Ellen von Unwerth) and fashion aficionados in attendance was Chloé Rogers, the striking blond Canadian expatriate behind the celebrated new brand, Scarlett Gasque. While chic guests sipped on cocktails and watched burlesque dancers perform, Rogers, dressed in her collection’s aqua-blue Arctic Queen Dressing Robe, joyfully mingled as models in her sensual, candy-coloured line of bras, thongs, suspenders and corsets wandered through the crowd.


Rogers may be new to launching a fashion line, but she’s certainly no stranger to the industry or what it takes to run a successful company. As a member of a prominent Canadian family — her father, Edward, is the chairman of Rogers Communications Inc. and the Toronto Blue Jays; her mother, Suzanne, is a philanthropist known as the “Fairy Godmother of Canadian Fashion” who supports and promotes new designers via the Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute at Toronto Metropolitan University. “When I was younger, I didn’t know I wanted to be a designer — I thought I wanted to be a writer or journalist, so I studied fashion history and theory,” she says. “Being at Central Saint Martins really inspired me. I was around the most creative, intelligent minds from all walks of life. It was so inspiring.”


While studying, Rogers says she fell in love with styles from the Victorian era, especially the frills, bows and crinoline in the 1830s, and the colours and bright feminine florals of the 1850s. She also pursued her interest in pinup stars and glamour girls, traditional corsetry, as well as the art of burlesque. “In the 19th century, corsets weren’t worn as outside garments, but I just loved the silhouette,” she says. Her mother gifted her a corset from her personal wardrobe, and Rogers started building her own collection, but found it difficult to find fashionable, readily available handmade pieces.


In 2018, Rogers got the idea to bring the traditional corsetry style she adored into the mainstream — pieces designed to be flaunted, not just hidden underneath clothing. She started working on the luxury line in 2020 and Scarlett Gasque — a brand that takes inspiration from the past and adds a modern twist — was born.


Named after her great-grandmothers, Scarlett Gasque is all about individuality, confidence and glamour. Scarlett was Rogers’ maternal great-grandmother from Hungary. A steadfast and diligent woman with humble beginnings, she passed down the importance of strength to the generations that followed her. “Scarlett worked her whole life to put food on the table for her family, especially during the Second World War. She hand-painted street cars, which was one of the leas desirable jobs you could get at the time,” she says. Gasque is the surname of Rogers’ paternal great-grandmother, Maysie, who was born in England. “She was a belle in London society. A vegetarian activist and a pilot, she led a glamorous life — one that was the polar opposite from Scarlett’s. I looked up to them in different ways and I wanted my brand to combine these influential women in my family.”


Her collection offers timeless silhouettes with a modern twist and fun colours people will want to wear not only for a romantic partner, but outside of the home. “I created lingerie that was made to be seen. You can wear our corsets with a skirt or jeans when you’re out with your friends and be in the full set when you get home.” While she’s partial to the aqua-blue Scarlett set, which includes the stunningly embroidered faux-fur-trimmed robe, the Waspie and the matching bra and underwear (each sold separately), she’s also quite fond of the Pearl Basque Corset in bubble-gum pink. “The pearl detail is so lovely and it’s so comfortable,” she says.


What’s perhaps most exciting about Rogers’ debut collection are its versatility and
inclusivity. The lemon-sorbet yellow Gasque Lace Corset, for example, can be worn with or with-
out straps, as well as with one string of pearls or two. What’s more, Rogers has catered to clients by designing pieces that can accommodate various shapes and sizes. “Corset sizes can range from extra-small to extra-large, but they don’t offer alternative cup sizes. So, if you’re someone who’s full-figured with a small cup size, you’re often out of luck,” she explains. “With our brand, you can buy the size you wear with the cup size that best fits you. You can select an extra-large corset with an A cup, or an extra-small corset with a DD cup. It’s been a gap in the market until now.” In future lines, sizes will be further expanded, with 36- and 38-inch band sizes for bras and extra-large underwear being added. “You’ll continue to see colour throughout the lines. I’m a colourful person and I feel lingerie is so muted by black, white and red. You’ll also see different silhouettes and the next few collections will be a bit sexier.”


So far, Rogers has received rave reviews from style mavens and clients alike. The Poke-A-Dot
Bra, Miss Bo Peep Thong, the Pearl Basque Corset, the Scarlett Waspie and more are avail-
able at; worldwide shipping is offered. “As a young designer putting out my
first collection, it’s super encouraging to find out how much people are enjoying the line,” she says. “It’s been a wonderful experience.”


Photography by Ellen von Unwerth