Furnishings industry favourite Decorium reveals the top trends dressing up your home this year and beyond.
By Silvana Longo

Decorium, a third-generation family-owned business for 36 years, continues to be a leader in the home furnishings and accessories category in the Greater Toronto Area. Since its launch back in 1986 (when its 2,500-square-foot location catered to the design trade only), with each decade, the continued and sustained growth of this proudly Canadian business is certainly one that seems to have the winning formula for success. Long-time employee, vice-president of marketing and buyer Tara Lindsay touts one of the reasons to the company’s staying power is its unique culture that treats staff and clientele as family. “I have been here for more than 20 years, and many people have been here for several years,” she says. “We are a true working family.”

Behind the continuity of the brand that builds trust with staff and customers alike, the 100,000-square-foot showroom in Toronto is an odyssey of furnishing options for every lifestyle, every room and every style, from modern to traditional and everything in between. Clients benefit from free design services both in-store and virtually. Plus, if head-to-toe ergonomic support appeals to your comfort and design sensibilities, the showroom has a dedicated “Stressless Gallery,” comprised of pieces with specialized ergonomic features made by a modern Scandinavian company offering the maximum of relaxation and luxury. Beyond the white-glove service and extended family culture, Decorium has also always been at the forefront of trends, offering both quality and value in all its coveted collections. Whether you’re looking to update the look of a room or your entire home, it is a one-stop shop and a destination worth exploring for all your furnishing needs.

Here is a look at some of the latest trends you will find (or those that are coming soon) to its Toronto-based showroom located at 363 Supertest Road.

Curves ahead. Rounded 1970’s-inspired furniture has redirected the focus from razor-sharp geometric lines in interiors. This shapely aesthetic evokes feelings of relaxation and hope over hard lines. Th e soft curves are perfect for beds, swivel chairs, sofas and sectionals.

Beyond the grey matter. Grey had a good run, but this longstanding neutral has taken a backseat to ivory and creams, and the warmer side of the colour wheel. “More muted, toneon- tone colours are on trend for 2022, and will likely last through 2023,” observes Lindsay. In line with the desire for a calm feel in a space, soft and pale shades of pink, blue, green or lilac perfectly fi t the bill. Visual interest is added via patt ern or texture. Lindsay assures there is still room for saturated colours by adding bright-coloured accents like cushions, throws and wall art.

’70s style…reinvented for the 21st century. Before you start picturing linoleum floors and wood-panelled walls, this is a curated approach to 1970’s decor, which includes textured fabrics, patterns, materials like velvet and rattan and an effort to bring nature indoors. There is a return to earth tones, biophilic accents such as leafy plants, mushroom-shaped lamps and low-slung furniture. “With the world engrossed by this fast-paced lifestyle, home decor trends are taking steps back in time and introducing a sense a calm and peace,” says Lindsay. And there’s another reason for the ’70s comeback: Fashion. “With the revival of understated looks coming down the runway, we are seeing this translated to home furnishings.”

Blond ambition. Neutrals and light, airy blond finishes have taken centre stage. Lindsay’s observations from the furniture market saw the pervasive blond finish on dining tables, bedroom furniture, home accents, coffee tables and much more. Natural oak that would normally be found on coastal furniture or in Miami has evolved, and you will see this finish applied to more modern pieces of furniture. “Imagine a modern resort-like feeling in a serene and stylish setting,” says Lindsay. Think basketweave-accent cabinet fronts featuring clean, simple lines with more modern hardware. That’s fun; that’s the power of blond.