The beautiful nirvana of Suzanne Dimma

How the beloved design icon mastered the luxury of calm.

What does living luxuriously mean to you?

For me, living luxuriously means having peace of mind and enough free time to explore the world with ease. My biggest passion is travelling, and the sense of discovery that comes with it. If I had immeasurable amounts of time, I would choose to travel in comfort and explore as much of the world as I could. Being able to splurge on something truly magnificent and of the utmost quality is also a great luxury.

What components (real or imagined) play a role in allowing you to live your best life?

Time.There is never enough of it. So many of us are living at breakneck speed and jamming far too many things in one day. If we all had more time, we could enjoy the journey more. Peace of mind. Perhaps the greatest luxury is living worry-free. This is a tough one, as anxiety is rampant and it can be crippling. I have found daily mediation to be a great way to set the tone for peace of mind. Nature. My appreciation for and love of nature keeps me connected to the beauty of our planet. Twelve years ago, my husband and I set the goal of designing and creating an off-the-grid, lakeside retreat in Northern Ontario. We’re still discovering beauty every time we visit. It allows us to escape the incessant pulse of the city and recharge in nature together.

Does “passion for perfection” speak to you in any way?

Yes, definitely. I’ve spent a good part of my life striving for perfection. It can be a rewarding endeavor but it’s also terribly exhausting. What I’ve learnt is that always striving to do one’s best is important but it’s as important to enjoy the journey. I don’t think perfection should be the end goal. Keep your passion to do your best, yes, but don’t pretend that you will ever arrive at a perfect life. It doesn’t exist. 

What objects do you surround yourself with to inspire your everyday growth and why?

I find the sense of touch to be so important in the world of design. I have a passion for fabrics and patterns so I like to surround myself with beautiful drapery and upholstery. I’m that person who runs her hands over everything to assess how it feels—from the smooth organic quality of honed marble or the weave of wool upholstery to the softness of a silk rug underfoot or the crispness of white bed linens and standout patterned fabric framing a windo

What, if anything, would you tell others about living their most luxurious life and/or how to continue to strive to be their personal best?

Simplicity is the key. I often find that when I simplify things, focus my energies and streamline obligations, my life seems to become more luxurious—more relaxed, spacious, quieter, easier, happier. I also believe that we have to appreciate wherever we are in the moment. Enjoy the journey. Sometimes the journey is
the best part.

And even if you are incredibly busy, make space to treat yourself. Even when my work schedule was beyond hectic, I made regular visits to my favourite spa to have a massage, followed by a glass of wine. It was entirely luxurious and a worthwhile investment in myself.

Finally, take time to meditate. It helps to slow down and relax a bit every day. This way, every day can feel a bit more luxurious.