The Business of Good Coffee

Coffee is a serious business, mostly because those who drink it know exactly what they want. Leave it to this company to take customer service to a whole new level.

Coffee lovers can be quite particular about their hot beverages, and rightfully so. The perfect bean, the precise ratio of milk to coffee, even the height of the foam—these factors come into play when creating “your” cup.

The JURA Hospitality Centre in Mississauga, Ont., is a Mecca for coffee aficionados. Part showroom, part repair studio, the centre showcases coffee machines made by JURA—an award-winning Swiss company. These machines range from the slim ENA 8, which is designed for condo living, to the new GIGA 6, which features two grinders. Each of their machines is on display, and every one of them is “live,” meaning that the customer can have a full demonstration of the machine’s features. And yes, that includes a taste-test.

Behind a glass wall, service technicians work on machines in need of care. “We want to show people how we take care of their machine,” says Joe Di Donato. If there’s anyone who understands how to take care of coffee machines (and their owners), it’s Di Donato. His family business, Faema, has been serving coffee lovers for 61 years, and has been the main distributor of JURA machines in Canada for 20 years.

Perhaps it’s this experience that helps them anticipate the needs of their customers. Need a repair and can’t come to Mississauga during business hours? No problem—just drop your machine off using JURA 24/7—a secure after-hours drop box. Can’t lift a heavy machine? Use JURA Concierge and a representative will safely transport your machine inside.

But don’t worry if you can’t make it to their location, they’ve planned for that too. JURA Live will connect customers and retailers to a representative via video chat. Through JURA Live, customers anywhere in Canada can have a real-time demonstration of any JURA machine, and will be able to consult with a representative in order to choose the machine that best suits their lifestyle and beverage preferences. JURA machine owners can also use JURA Service Live for troubleshooting, enabling technicians to demonstrate minor repairs that can be completed without bringing the machine in for servicing.

All of these services mean more time with your machine—and that perfect cup of coffee.
For Di Donato, that’s a flat white—an Australian espresso-based drink similar to a latte. But that’s a personal preference, and he encourages every coffee drinker to experiment. “It’s like wine—you have to try different blends and see which one suits your taste.”