Woodbridge, Ontario’s Doorland should be your first stop when you need new exterior or interior doors for your home. Andrea Granzotto told us about the company’s process and what’s currently trending.

Living Luxe: Doors are so important in a house — they are architectural pieces. What are your customers currently asking for when it comes to interior doors?

Andrea Granzotto, Doorland: Today, everyone seems to be looking for something different and unique. It’s our responsibility to make what they have designed with their design team come true. In our world, we treat doors like a piece of furniture or art. It’s not just a door — there is much more to it; the design brings together the vision of the space that our clients and designers are trying to create; creating spaces that they enjoy and see themselves in.

LL: We’ve read that full-height doors are popular right now, especially as exterior doors, as they offer a sense of grandeur. What can you tell us about choosing these doors?

AG: I agree. Full-height doors not only give you grand look, but they also give off an illusion of space, no matter what the height. These doors take the focal point away from other aspects. They are great for curb appeal and really draw the eye in. For interior, they open the space of a home, giving you the feeling of a grander area.

LL: We know that pocket doors and retractable doors continue to be all the rage. What is it about pocket doors that make them so popular?

AG: Pocket doors have been around for decades. They come from a more European mindset, and they really save space in the home. They can also make a big difference when it comes to flow from room to room.

LL: For homeowners who are looking to update their interior doors, what should they expect when they contact Doorland? What’s your process?

AG: We are truly here to partner with our clients and help them in any way we can. We believe in relationships and creating a personal touch with all our customers. Our approach is all about giving our clients the best possible, most positive experience we can when they come to us for all their door needs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a client of more than 40 years or a new first-time home builder who needs our help, we’ll walk you through every detail with your design team to create the space you’re looking for. Visit our showroom at 221 Creditview Road or online at