See what design elements were used for maximum functionality and wow moments in this remarkable Toronto home, imagined and created by the master builders at Luxeme Kitchens Inc.

By Lisa van de Geyn

Photography by The Print Market


This Lawrence Park abode’s kitchen and ensuite are the perfect showcase of how Kam Shamohamadi and his team at Luxeme Kitchens Inc. are defining itself in the industry — it’s all about top-quality craftsmanship, intricate and perfectly executed design, seamless flow and beautiful, standout results.


The homeowner of this 3,500-square-foot, three-storey home in the prestigious Toronto neighbourhood has a large family, and the couple were keen to redo their space. “This was a major renovation — there was only one wall that was kept from the original space,” Kam explains. “Their house was about 50 years old, and it was time for them to renovate and update. They really wanted a fresh look with a new kitchen, vanities, office, bar, as well as other elements that would be modern but with a classic feel at the same time.”


Kam’s plan for the couple’s kitchen was not only inspired by the family, but he also wanted to bring in some depth, high style, functionality and drama. He knew the homeowners were looking for an airy space, so he and his team opted for a white kitchen to complement all the natural light that pours in through the large windows. “We went with white, but I knew I wanted to bring in another tone,” Kam notes. “The couple didn’t like the idea of a black-and-white space — black is classic in a kitchen, but they had that shade in their previous home. Instead, I came up with another idea and offered them a brass-gold look, and they really liked it.” He brought in the shiny hue in the hardware on the cabinetry, the stunning faucets and on the inside of the majestic island. “It’s done in a flexible material — a metal painted in a brass colour done in a ribbed design,” he says, “It’s an element that makes the space pop.” The rest of the exquisite island is done in in MDF-painted, except for the granite waterfall, which matches the backsplash. “Waterfall designs on islands are trendy right now — it’s being done in many kitchens and creates a visually interesting look and feel in the kitchen. It’s a showpiece.”


The gold in the room takes centre stage, but there were other brilliant features Kam and his team purposefully included. They were cognizant of the family’s need for storage and made sure to incorporate plenty of drawers and cabinets for 162 dishes and pantry items. For the fridge and freezer, they opted for clear glass doors on both — not something that’s necessarily fashionable in kitchen design, but it certainly makes a statement in this open-concept, streamlined space. Perhaps the most significant part of the function of the kitchen is the amount of seating that was created — not only did they incorporate a table and chairs in the eating area, but they added a bench for maximum comfort. They also made sure to include seating at the island — there’s room for five to sit at ease.


“Everyone who worked on this home did a great job — the result is amazing and the transformation blends together perfectly. Theses spaces really stand out.”


Kam and the Luxeme team were also responsible for creating the flawless ensuite in the principal bedroom. The airy, hotel-chic space features a makeup station between the vanities, a glorious freestanding tub and beautiful wall sconces that offer extra light. What makes the biggest statement in the room, though, are the gold pops and the intricately designed cabinetry. “We took inspiration from what we did in the kitchen and brought it into the bathroom,” he says. “We repeated the same brass and gold colours in the faucets and in the detailed inlay around and below the cabinets. Then, much like we did the ribbed design on the kitchen island, we chose to do a fluted façade for the front of the cabinetry. It gives off a similar feeling as the kitchen, but it’s done in a different shade with just a hint of gold. We kept the look consistent, and the work is incredibly intricate.”


In the end, the addition of the grand gold hues and the beautifully detailed features contributed to the
modern yet classic feel the homeowners had hoped for. “They really loved the kitchen and bathroom,” Kam says.