Known for turning design dreams into reality, the founders of Heika Build Group, Colin and Sasha Dempster, have expanded their consummate suite of services from the Niagara Region to the Greater Toronto Area.

By Silvana Longo


Growing up in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Colin Dempster remembers playing in the orchards long before they became vineyards. This idyllic town, synonymous with 19th-century charm and well-appointed homes, was where the early seeds were planted for a future in construction. He may have majored in math and kinesiology while at university, but it was during his summer jobs working in various aspects of home improvement where Colin found his stride. Launching his own paint company, C.D. Paints, in 2007, he soon established a solid reputation in the area as the go-to paint company for high-quality work and impeccable service. It wasn’t until he met Toronto-born Sasha, though, that new worlds of possibility opened. “She is the one who changed the business — and its name — to Primary Coatings Ltd., which was our first corporation,” says Colin. However, it didn’t take long for this dynamic duo to evolve their offerings beyond paint. “We started to want more out of our business,” he remembers. “I saw Colin had a great opportunity to really succeed at a higher level. He has a bold sense of business intellect and a natural customer service approach,” Sasha adds.


With a propensity for all things luxury, Sasha grew up in Toronto’s upscale Yorkville neighbourhood. Her passion for design, coupled with a background working for prestigious fashion houses, makes her a natural at catering to a posh clientele. This compelling combination was the genesis of Heika Build Group — a boutique design-build company specializing in commercial development as well as luxury custom-built homes. Known for sumptuous interiors and seamless service, the company was named after Colin’s muse, who was a driving force to bringing this high-level design dream to life. “Heika”— Sasha’s middle name — in Yiddish means “life,” and it embodies the whole company’s raison d’être. “We want to bring our clients’ dream projects to life,” declares Colin.


Part of the customer experience would be to build trust and a sense of integrity that was perhaps lacking in the construction industry. So, it was important for the pair to challenge and reverse the stigmas associated with the business, such as hidden markups and price gouging. “We work on a percentage-based profit system, so our clients are always in contact with our suppliers,” confirms Colin. This personalized, interactive approach inevitably sets clients’ minds at ease. “We enjoy working one on one with our clients, from selecting custom finishings and millwork to enhancing a space with decor elements. I believe it creates a stronger bond when you can bring the client into the build process,” attests Sasha. “This is their vision, so they should be a part of the journey.”


Delivering dream projects while establishing trust is an infallible formula. As of last year, Heika Build Group has expanded their suite of services from Niagara to the Greater Toronto Area. With an ever-growing trade network all vetted by Colin, he assures they still deal with every aspect of the business, from the design phase and trades organization to ensuring quality control exceeds expectation. “We take them to the finish line, on time and on budget.”


A veritable design powerhouse with an impressive 90 percent referral rate, the couple never lose sight of their mission echoed in its eponym. “In the end, what we always want is to bring ‘life’ and a livable luxury to all our clients’ visions, whether it be a custom home build or an ambitious commercial project.”


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