The New Normal

Dr. Claudia Machiella, a leading health and wellness expert, says we need to focus on our bodies, minds and spirits while learning to coexist with COVID-19

By Dr. Claudia Machiella

Life as we know it has changed. The world has changed, and it has caused a seismic shift in how we view life, health and everything that makes us whole. With the pandemic, we were given the opportunity to re-evaluate what is most important in our lives; we had time to reflect and decide where we could make changes for the better. Regardless of the state of the world, we learned that our health and wellness is fundamental and, without it, the life we live will be rattled with uncertainty. Investing in our wellbeing and redirecting our attention away from the material world to activities and things in our lives that make us feel complete is truly the “new normal.”

As we learn to coexist with COVID-19, we need to pivot and shift how we observe, function and progress along our life’s journey. The “trifecta,” as I like to call it — that being the body, mind and spirit — are no longer separate entities. They are not singular in their effect they each have on the whole person. If one of them is out of alignment, the entire being is impacted.

The idea of health and wellness is all encompassing, and we need to work diligently on the trifecta for whole health to be achieved. There is a surge toward investing in a lifestyle and developing a personal culture that thrives on holistic health and wellness. That investment will look different for each of us, but it will begin and end with being physically active. When we keep the body supple and capable by moving it often, we are promoting longevity and encouraging a healthy mind. Finding a physical pursuit that you love and makes your body move in ways that keep your joints healthy and your muscles elongated will give you physical confidence.

We strengthen the body to still the mind, and we still the mind to free the spirit. Your mind is dependent on how you feel physically. Being active can help to ward off feelings of anxiety and depression and can shift your mind from negative thoughts to more positive ones. The release of endorphins from physical activity can last for hours following a physical pursuit and keeping hormones balanced through physical activity is part of the end game of health.

When we are balanced in both body and mind, the spirit will naturally follow. Having a healthy, balanced spirit means that we are living in gratitude, living with peace in our hearts and spreading love and respect to all humanity.

The trifecta of the healthy body, mind and spirit is not a new concept, however, in this pandemic landscape, there is a resurgence of interest and a shift toward prioritizing the whole being.