European excellence in metal roofing spreads its wings in Canada.
By Silvana Longo

Metal roofing has come a long way. While the longevity and sustainability benefi s of steel tile over shingles are well-known, the look of it used to be utilitarian at best. Over the years, metal roofs have expanded their aesthetic to match the style of a variety of homes. From European clay tile and traditional wood to modern linear steel tiles ideal for a transitional or contemporary space, there are several options and colours available to get a customized look that suits your style. However, the most important consideration for a metal roof is the quality of the product and the mastery of the installation. Blachotrapez is a family-owned company with 50 years of metal roofing under its belt in the European market. Using only quality products, the Poland-based company partnered with Germany’s Thyssenkrupp Steelworks for its roof coverings. In 2019, a Canadian satellite office opened, which brings the reliability and stylish metal roof options Europeans have been enjoying for half a century here.

“With steel produced in Germany’s Thyssenkrupp Steelworks, coated with industry-leading ZM EcoProtect® and a 50-micron layer of Paldur Wrinkle Mat Plus, Blachotrapez roofing panels are resistant to long-term wear and discolouring, and they offer maximum corrosion resistance in any conceivable application,” says Martin Lesniak, business development director for North America. Although the cost for a metal roof is higher, the 60-year warranty buys a lot of peace from roofing worries. “Forget about re-roofing. Blachotrapez modular metal roofing tiles will serve you reliably for generations,” assures Lesniak. The modular metal roof tiles are built to withstand the elements that seem to only worsen with ensuing climate change.

This includes ultra-violet rays, snow, hail and hurricanes with winds up to 200 miles per hour. The easy installation is also an attractive feature. “Our panels fit together like a puzzle. With each panel weighing approximately four kilograms, existing roof structures do not require any additional reinforcements.”

One of the most important advantages of a metal roof for many is the environmental benefit. “Our steel roofing tiles average about 10 percent waste during installation, compared to industry norms that are greater than 20 percent. And unlike tar or bitumen shingles, steel panels are 100 percent recyclable.

Serving both consumers and architects, Lesniak heads education about all metal roofing products and he observes that the average customer is becoming more aware of the benefits of metal roofing. Canadian consumers are aware that if they buy cheap, they will eventually pay double.

Blachotrapez, though, doesn’t rest on its laurels — the brand constantly does research and technology to add new cutting-edge products to the already expansive collection every year. “For architects and future market expectations, we’ve created a very modern Hidden Gutter System called ‘Krop,’ ideal for modern structures,” he says.

When asked what Lesniak’s favourite product is, he says they all have something special, but he is partial to the style and shape of the Banff tile. “Nobody has it. It looks like wood cleverly hidden behind modern metal tile.”

The company has ambitious plans to expand its offerings across Canada and the U.S. as it continues to increase its roofing products, including the solar panel selection. Metal roofing is no longer the dream, it truly is the current landscape, and savvy Canadian homeowners want a stylish, sustainable, long-lasting roof that will protect their biggest investment for years to come. For more information, go to