True Colours

There’s something exquisite, even royal, about gemstones of a certain hue. Here’s why colourful precious stones are just as tantalizing as the colourless variety

By Jennifer Lipkowitz

No one is going to dispute the reasons so many of us are smitten and captivated by brilliantly sparkling diamonds, but have you considered adding coloured gemstones to your jewellery repertoire? While these are often seen as the little sisters to coveted diamonds, gemstones bathed in colour — from the most fiercely radiant ruby to the splendidly luminous emerald — are just as dazzling and infinitely unique. It’s easy to become infatuated with these coloured gems because they’re simply extraordinary. These are the gemstones of kings and queens, past and present, and they convey that undeniable feeling of opulence and true royalty. Jewellery lovers are enamoured at the mere sight of a sexy sapphire or a bold amethyst, and for good reason — the wearer will find that these stones quickly become bold conversation pieces. That’s the magic of colour — bringing beautiful hues into your jewellery is no different than painting a stunning feature wall in your home. It denotes a certain sense of drama and excitement that envelopes the space.

It’s not just about the miraculous colours or striking shapes of these precious stones — it’s also about the cuts. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more mystical cut than the sweet and striking cabochon, with its smooth and perfectly polished top. Depending on the curve of a garnet cabochon, for instance, it can feel as if you’re looking at a deep Cabernet in a gleaming glass decanter. There’s a richness in coloured gemstones that just isn’t attainable in diamonds. You may find your personality better suits a gemstone that radiates a more vibrant, or a more toned-down, shade. Consider your home, your car, your wardrobe — if you’re an aficionado of rich tones, select a piece that has great depth in its colour. Those who prefer a paler palette will also have their choice of lighter-hued gemstones that still have complexity. Either way, a spectacular sapphire ring, a twinkling amethyst pendant or a pair of glittery emerald earrings might just make the perfect piece for you. You know what they say — it’s all in the eye of the beholder.