Welcome to the Family

Canaroma Bath & Tile combines exclusivity with authenticity to offer superior design and service.

By Rachel Naud

As soon as you walk into Canaroma Bath & Tile’s impressive 20,000-square-foot showroom in Toronto, you’ll be wowed by its extensive inventory of exclusive tile, elaborate fixtures, a working water station, a Slab Hall, its Versace boutique, as well as vanities from around the world. But for owners and brothers-in-law, Frank Piacentini and Roy Mancini, you might as well be walking into their living rooms. “What we’ve instilled in our families is that we care for our business,” says Piacentini, president of Canaroma Bath & Tile. “We have heart, hard work, honesty and respect. That’s what we look for when hiring people. We try to create that family environment.”

Some staff at Canaroma Bath & Tile have been selling in the industry for more than 20 years, which shows through their incredible knowledge and superior customer service — something both Piacentini and Mancini pride themselves on. “It’s more than just selling a product at the best price,” says Mancini, vice-president of the company. “We have tile specialists and technical experts, and they’ll even connect you with installers, if that’s something you need.”

Mancini and Piacentini first opened the doors to Canaroma in July 1979 after visiting Italy. They saw how well the showroom model worked overseas and how it fostered a closer connection to the products with customers. They then brought the concept to Canada and opened their awe-inspiring facility on Toronto’s Torbarrie Road, which, today, has grown into a designer’s dream destination when shopping for bathroom accessories and looking for ideas. In fact, what separates Canaroma Bath & Tile from others in the industry is its exclusivity. Its products come from intense research, regular trips to international shows and having a finger on the pulse of what’s new and upcoming. Today, the showroom carries 12 international brands not found elsewhere in Canada, including Baden Haus, Q’in and Sherle Wagner, as well as a wide range of other brands that are semi-exclusive.

What else sets it apart? Its cohesive and easy-to-navigate design for shoppers. “Instead of displaying individual bathroom components, like faucets, sinks and showers, we want to show our customers the final product and present settings complete with an ensuite, main bathroom and powder room,” says Piacentini, adding Canaroma is one of the leaders and originators when it comes to showing the bathroom as it would appear in the home.

It’s also important for Piacentini and Mancini to stay on top of helping their customers create beautiful spaces that will only enhance their homes — and their joy. “Bathrooms are where you start and finish each day,” says Mancini. “It also sets the tone of the interior of your home. It is a place to decompress and enjoy.”