When it comes to your home, the kitchen is truly where it all happens. Wondering how to update this special space? Here’s what’s trending in the heart of the home.

There are few things we love more than outfitting our kitchens with the latest and greatest, but it’s not always easy to know what will stand the test of time and what’s merely a fad that will burn out before we know it. The thing is, no one wants to invest in trends that don’t have staying power. And since it’s the most coveted room in our residence — the kitchen is certainly the heart of the home — investing more in the place where we spend so much time and energy just feels right.

So, what should we be looking at when it comes to equipping and furnishing our most utilized room? We brought in a professional. Danielle Paul, an Alberta-based designer and the president at Designer’s Edge Group of Companies, who shared a few of the top kitchen trends to pay attention to. If you’re renovating or redecorating, or simply looking to add a little love to your space, give these three a try.


Easy-to-use appliances that don’t get in the way are popular. And hiding these appliances is even more trendy. “It’s no secret that small appliances, like microwaves, are not loved by designers — myself included,” says Paul. “While I love the practicality of them, the designer in me wants them hidden, purely because they can take away from the luxury look and feel of a kitchen.” Enter Signature Kitchen Suite’s Microwave Oven Drawer. “This works really well — the appliance is built alongside cabinetry, flush against the wall, so it blends into the elegance of the rest of the kitchen space,” she explains. “The drawer allows us to place this appliance in the island and it operates like a drawer where you can access the microwave from top-down instead of straight on.” Concealing smaller appliances creates more counter space, and that’s always a plus.


“Panelled appliances are top of mind for the kitchen, ensuring the kitchen is cohesive and feels timeless,” Paul says. These are one of the biggest kitchen trends right now and panelled appliances aren’t going anywhere. “Signature Kitchen Suite appliances fall beautifully into trends we’re seeing in kitchen design. The line offers fully customized panelled appliances, as well as column-style appliances, which are also popular choices for kitchens today.” Not only are there panelled refrigerators and freezers, but there’s also even a panel-ready Signature Kitchen Suite PowerStream Dishwasher, which fits seamlessly into a modern kitchen. “I love that there are a variety of options to choose from. For example, when it comes to wine fridges, Signature Kitchen Suite offers several options, including the 18-inch Integrated Column Wine Refrigerator and the 30-inch Integrated Column Refrigerator. These appliances give a cohesive, luxurious feel to any kitchen,” she says.


There continues to be a growing interest in induction ranges, and for good reason: Induction ovens and stovetops cook more precisely than gas or electric, plus they make prep time quicker and cleanup time easier. “Signature Kitchen Suite’s 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Built-In Sous Vide and Induction is one of my favourites,” says Paul. “It has a two-zone induction so you can really get instant temperatures and precision control but have the flexibility of using gas when you want to, and the built-in sous vide, an industry first, is a game changer.” The entire line of Signature Kitchen Suite appliances truly delivers on luxury, design, precision, and performance, and demonstrates a respect for food for the home chef. Find out more about this premium line at